Apple Dominates Christmas Wish Lists For Children

Kids and Christmas Wish Lists for Electronics

Christmas 2012 is the year of Apple; at least that seems to be the case for children who have consistently ranked Apple products at the top of their wish lists. According to a new Nielsen study, four of the top five requested pieces of electronics are Apple-based.

At the top of the wish list for many children is the Apple iPad, which has been requested by 48 percent of respondents. The only non-Apple device in the top five is the brand new Nintendo Wii U, which 39 percent of respondents said they would like. While the Wii U finishes in second place, it is immediately followed by the iPod Touch (36 percent), iPad Mini (36 percent) and iPhone (33 percent).

Following the slew of Apple products, children seem content with generic devices such as a “computer” or an “e-reader.”

While some analysts have voiced concerns over Apple’s future, its various devices have managed to crop up once again on Christmas wish lists. In the ninth and tenth spots are the Nintendo 3DS/ 3DS XL and Nintendo DS/ DS Lite / DSi / DSi XL.

The newest Nielsen survey showcases the grip modern day electronics have on children’s lives. With Sony’s gaming systems showing up four times in the top 20 list, it’s clear that gaming is still kicking.

Apple Products Dominates Wish Lists for Kids

The survey doesn’t split the responding demographic into boys and girls or other factors, instead choosing to focus on the overall responses offered by children in general.

Do you think electronics are holding too much control over children’s choices in presents these days?