Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Having Fourth Child To Save Marriage?

Maurice Cassidy

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are reportedly considering the idea of having a fourth child now that the Hollywood actress is said to have called off her divorce.

According to multiple reports, Jennifer and Ben Affleck are in a much better place now that the Argo star has completed his rehab treatment for alcohol abuse, as mentioned on the actor's official Facebook page.

Garner wasn't sure if she could ever see herself reconciling with her husband, especially after the claims made back in 2015 concerning Ben Affleck's supposed cheating affair with the family's former nanny Christine Ouzounian.

While Jennifer denied having filed for divorce over the cheating allegations, fans questioned why the mother-of-three conveniently fired the nanny in the midst of dealing with the rumors that Ben Affleck had not been faithful to his wife of 12 years.

Whatever the case may be, the couple has found it in themselves to give their marriage another chance, Page Six reveals, and with Ben Affleck having committed himself to being a better parent and husband, one of the ways he wants to prove that he's a changed is by having another child.

In Touch, as cited by Gossip Cop, claims that Ben Affleck and Garner are at their happiest when they are surrounded by their children, who have evidently been the ones that prevented Jennifer from pulling through with her initial divorce plans.

According to the outlet, many things have changed in Ben Affleck's household. He handles himself differently around his wife and wants to show her how grateful he is for the fact that she has given him another chance to make their relationship work.

"He begged her to give him one more chance. Believe me, Ben knows hot [sic] to turn on the charm, big-time. He promised to stay sober and step up as an active parent and husband more than ever," the insider claims.

"Ben and Jen have decided to have another baby. They've always been at their happiest when they focus on their family life. A baby would help begin a new chapter in their relationship as they move forward."

But now that the couple is back on the right path, nothing is stopping Jennifer and Ben from having another baby, especially if it's going to help bring them closer together.

As previously revealed, Ben Affleck has dedicated his Sunday mornings to attending church with his wife and kids, as one source reveals that the Hollywood duo has become very spiritual since their initial separation over the summer of 2015.

Garner famously admitted that working on her 2016 hit film, Miracles from Heaven, her faith in God grew immensely, which is something she then applied to her marriage, well aware that if she was going to find a way to save the relationship, she needed more than just an apology from Ben.

Affleck and Garner have not responded to claims that they are planning to have another baby, but the timing of their decision to expand their family has definitely raised eyebrows, as fans are wondering how Ben will manage to cope with a new baby while committing himself to his busy film career.

Ben Affleck is said to be directing the follow-up to Batman v. Superman, followed with his reprising role as the superhero character in the upcoming Justice League movies.

Should Ben and Jennifer have another child for the sake of making their marriage work?

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