Indivisible Attacks Trump’s #SupremelyExtreme SCOTUS Pick, Neil Gorsuch

Indivisible has a strategy to defeat Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. As hearings are scheduled to start next week, Indivisible has launched its #SupremelyExtreme campaign.

After Trump was elected, a group of former congressional staffers wrote a short guide on the best practices for making your Congressional representatives listen. This guide is one of many “Resistance” groups that are openly protesting the Trump presidency.

To win the battle against Neil Gorsuch’s nomination, Indivisible is helping local groups prepare for a week of protests, visits to representatives offices, and relentless phone calls. Indivisible explains why Gorsuch is a horrible pick for a Supreme Court Justice seat.

“Neil Gorsuch has routinely put the interests of employers, institutions, and big business ahead of average Americans. When a company fired a trucker for leaving his cargo to seek help in subzero temperatures — after the man waited long enough for his torso to go numb — Judge Gorsuch sided with the company. When a professor recovering from cancer was fired after requesting a short period of telecommuting to protect her fragile health from a flu epidemic on campus, Judge Gorsuch concluded that her modest request imposed an unfair demand that her employer provide a ‘safety net.'”

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Here’s a short overview of why Indivisible is urging members to fight against Trump’s Neil Grouch’s nomination.

Voted Against LGBTQ Protections

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Case: Kastl v. Maricopa County Community College District

A transgender woman sued the Maricopa County Community College District because they told her she had to prove she had undergone a specific surgery as part of her transition and then declined to renew her contract.

Gorsuch’s Ruling:

Gorsuch ruled in favor of the employer. The Human Rights Campaign believes that Gorsuch is wrong for the country.

“The LGBTQ community has won important victories at the Supreme Court — from Romer to Obergefell — that affirm our rights and our liberties. We must ensure that those who serve on our highest court are willing to stand up for our community; Gorsuch has given us no indication that he will.”

Voted Against Women’s Reproductive Rights

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Case: Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. v. Sebelius

Hobby Lobby, which is owned by a conservative Christian family, did not want to provide contraceptive coverage as part of their employer-sponsored health insurance plans based on their religious beliefs.

Gorsuch’s Ruling:

Neil Gorsuch ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby. NBC News reports that Grouch rules based on his religious beliefs.

“In Neil Gorsuch, Trump has nominated a judge more religiously motivated than perhaps even the staunchest religious conservatives sitting on the Court today. His confirmation would place on this nation’s highest court a man who has readily allowed the religious convictions of a few to govern the lives of all Americans.”

Voted Against Protecting The Environment

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Case: New Mexico Off-Highway Vehicle Alliance v. U.S. Forest Service

Off-road drivers were challenging Forest Service efforts to limit motorized vehicle routes in the National Forest. Environmental groups, including Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, and WildEarth Guardians, wanted to be part of the case to protect their interests.

Gorsuch’s Ruling:

Judge Gorsuch voted against the environmental groups saying that there was no real difference between the Forest Service and the groups. In an interview with Business Insider, Billy Corriher, deputy director of legal progress at The Center for American Progress explained the following.

“The EPA really enforces a lot of statutes that are pretty broad, it gives them broad authority to regulate certain pollution and it leaves it up to the experts to determine exactly what threshold of pollution is acceptable and what threshold is dangerous. Judge Gorsuch would want to get rid of that standard and basically allow judges to substitute their own judgment for the judgment of the agency experts.”

Indivisible’s #SupremelyExtreme View of Neil Gorsuch

The power of the Indivisible guide is an important aspect of the Resistance. Author David Leonhardt shares Alexander Hamilton’s thoughts on the power of the written word.

“Write to arms! Your pen is your weapon. Use it to win whatever battle or war you’re fighting.”

As Indivisible’s mission is the resist the Trump agenda, blocking Trump’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch is a primary goal. To assist local groups in the campaign against Gorsuch, Indivisible has provided lengthy and in-depth analysis and documentation that members can use in this week’s protests.

With the #SupremelyExtreme message, Indivisible will keep using its pen as a weapon to defeat the Trump agenda.

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