Woman Found Dead In Home 5 Hours After 911 Call, Officials Investigate

Megan Greenlaw

The police department was called to a 44-year-old woman's house a mere five hours before she was found dead. Upon arriving at the house, officers allegedly looked in the windows of the home, then drove away.

Loretta Rose Parea was found dead five hours later.

A neighbor called 911 twice after Loretta came to her door around 2 am Sunday. “She came pounding on my door. She was pounding like she was scared, like my windows were shaking. I knew something was wrong,” the neighbor said. When the neighbor came to the door, she saw Loretta's husband "dragging her off the porch."

The neighbor said they called police twice at 2:40 and 3:10 a.m. When officers finally did arrive, the neighbor said she saw an officer “looking in the window” of Loretta Parea’s home, then walk away.

“It is very frustrating,” the neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “She did not deserve this. She did not deserve this at all.”

Loretta's husband, 41-year-old Christopher Parea, is in police custody on charges of first-degree murder.

Denver's police chief has launched an investigation into the case, stating that he has some concerns regarding how the domestic violence call was handled. Denver Police Chief Robert White has ordered an internal investigation to find out what actions the responding officers took and if they missed anything.Loretta's husband Christopher is being charged with first-degree murder.

“Exactly what actions they took to locate a potential victim is still to be determined as a result of the investigation I have ordered,” White said. “I will tell you I have some concerns as well as it relates to how long it took for the run to be dispatched and once the officers got there, their actions as it relates to their efforts to contact potential witnesses or victims.”

Loretta's sister, Phyllis Rosa, said that she had just visited her sister that weekend to help decorate for the holidays.

“We still don’t know what happened,” Rosa said.

Loretta Parea “was a pure angel,” said her aunt Yvonne Fire. Loretta was the mother to three grown children, and two adopted children. “Anyone who knew her knew she showed love, gave her love and kindness from her heart to give to anybody. She had her angel wings here on earth, now she’s in heaven.”