‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Jade’s Dangerous Reaction To A Broken Heart

Days Of Our Lives fans are divided about how they feel about Jade Michaels (Gabrielle Haugh). She was romantically involved with Joey Johnson (James Lastovic) and Jade ended up pregnant. After they lost the baby, Joey realized he wasn’t in love with her. However, he stuck by her side to support her through the tragedy. Earlier this week, Joey made his true feelings known. Jade pretended like she was okay with the breakup. However, spoilers reveal that she will deal with her broken heart in a dangerous way. As a result, she ends up being rushed back to the hospital.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is coming up on the NBC soap opera.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gabrielle Haugh teased in an interview that Jade is a complex character. Even though she has shown a lot of progress, Jade does have a dark side. It was hinted that in the next several months, fans will see various “shades of Jade,” with her showing both her good and bad sides. Days Of Our Lives spoilers for next week tease that Joey breaking up with her might be the reason.

When Joey let Jade know that he just wanted to be friends, she took it pretty well. However, after he left her hospital room, she became emotional. It is clear that she is still in love with him. Later, she decided that she was going to play it cool, but believes that they are meant to be together. It appears that Jade will be released from the hospital next week on Days Of Our Lives. Jade is seen in a sneak peek photo at the apartment she shares with Joey, Ciara (Olivia Rose Keegan), Theo (Kyler Pettis), and Ciara (Vivian Jovanni). However, what she is doing is a bad sign.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, sneak peek photos show Jade Michaels sitting on the couch. She is clutching something in her hand and she looks emotionally broken. The caption reveals that Gabrielle Haugh’s character will “hit the bottles.” In another section of the magazine, Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Jade will be rushed back to the hospital.

Jade has a history of drinking alcohol to cope with her problems and emotions. Her father was also an alcoholic, so she was never shown a healthy way to deal with life. After having her heart broken by Joey, she probably doesn’t know how to deal with it and does what her father did – drink alcohol.

Jade just had surgery in an attempt to save her father’s life, despite the horrible and abusive way he treated her. When she is released from the hospital, she will probably be on medication. Mixing prescription pills and alcohol can be a deadly combination. Does she overdose and that is why she is rushed back to the hospital? How will Joey react when he finds out?

The answer to that question was not revealed. However, Joey cares for Jade even though he isn’t in love with her. He is a sensitive young man and puts the weight of the world on his shoulders. He will probably feel guilty and wonder how he can fix Jade’s pain. After the miscarriage, he was there for her and delayed in telling her his real feelings. He did it not to string her along, but because he was trying to protect her and didn’t want her experiencing any more pain.

On Days Of Our Lives, will Joey decide to be with Jade after she is rushed to the hospital? Will Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) try to get the girl some counseling? Or will Joey just try to be a friend, which could send mixed messages to the troubled young woman?

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