WWE News: Latest On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Schedule Throughout The Rest Of Contract

In 2015, Brock Lesnar announced that he is closing the door on his MMA career and re-signing with the WWE. Lesnar defended his WWE Championship at WrestleMania 31 against Roman Reigns. Although the match was much better than expected, neither walked out as the champion. Instead, Seth Rollins cashed in Money in the Bank briefcase and won his first world championship in the WWE.

“I could go back to the Octagon, but what am I going to gain? I was the UFC heavyweight champion of the world. Due to my illness, my career got cut short. That’s God telling you, ‘it’s time to move on,'” Lesnar commented to ESPN about the decision.

This statement was futile, as he returned to the octagon against Mark Hunt. This fight was swarmed with controversy, as Hunt believed that Lesnar was violating the drug policy. Hunt was correct, as Lesnar was indeed hit for a violation. Lesnar was suspended from the UFC, which prompted another announcement to retire.

Lesnar returned to WWE in-ring competition during the SummerSlam pay-per-view, and gave Randy Orton a convincing loss. Shockingly, he lost in 1:26 to Bill Goldberg at Survivor Series, as was eliminated by Goldberg at the Royal Rumble in a matter of seconds.

Ultimately, it has been reported that this fast win at Survivor Series was to set up a final showdown at WrestleMania 33; moreover, for Lesnar to defeat Goldberg and end his magical comeback. This will set up a championship run by Lesnar that will dominate the Raw brand.

As seen by his appearances over the past five years since his return, Lesnar has limited dates in his contract to appear. However, recently, Lesnar has been appearing more in house shows, as he competed last weekend against Kevin Owens at Madison Square Garden. This is not expected to be a one-time occurrence, as Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline has revealed his upcoming schedule for the duration of his contract.

“The plan in place is that Lesnar will do more shows from this point forward, in what will be the final year of his current three-year WWE contract, especially since UFC is now clearly part of his past.

“He’s been on TV almost every week and done some house shows of late. The impression we’ve been given is he will never work a full schedule, but he will work more dates over the next year, as has been shown by his doing more house shows than ever before and working all but one Monday in the last two months before WrestleMania.”

As reported, the early plans for WrestleMania 34 are for Lesnar to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns. While this is always subject to change, Reigns is groomed to be the biggest star for years to come. Therefore, Lesnar is expected to spend 2017 building up to be a monster star for the purposes of becoming dethroned by Reigns.

Over the past five years, Lesnar has been nearly untouchable as a WWE star. Not only did he manhandle John Cena, Triple H, and Randy Orton, but he was a part of perhaps the most shocking moment in WrestleMania history, when he defeated the Undertaker and ended “The Streak.”

At this point, with Lesnar ending his contract with WWE, it is time to pass the torch to a person who will represent the future. As of now, there is no word on if Lesnar will re-sign again with the company. Either way, it is time to transition into giving someone like Reigns the torch, as Lesnar is expected to reach the end of his WWE tenure.

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