‘Big Brother 19’ Releases Premiere Date: Will ‘BB19’ Be An All-Star Season?

CBS has officially announced when Big Brother 19 will return this summer. The show will return on June 28, Wednesday, for a two-hour premiere. It won’t be long until America’s favorite summer reality show returns. Here’s what is known about the BB19 so far.

The Big Brother 19 season will debut on June 28 with a two-hour special episode introducing the new houseguests to the viewers. Usually, BB19 host Julie Chen allows the houseguests to go into the house in several groups, which allows the viewers to watch most of the new houseguests’ bios.

Big Brother 19 will air every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. On Thursday, Julie will host a live show that will feature a live eviction each week and head of household competition. On Sunday, they will have some type of competition and nomination ceremony. On Wednesday, they will hold the power of veto competition. The CBS press release did not mention Big Brother After Dark. However, BBAD will probably air on PopTV channel every night.

The Big Brother 19 live feeds should be turned on shortly after the first episode unless CBS announces otherwise. Last season, the network didn’t turn the live feeds on until after the second episode. The live feeds can be purchased on CBS All-Access for as low as $6 a month. If you prefer, they offer an ad-free plan for $9.99 per month.

The CBS press release says the season premiere will be a two-hour one-night special, so it appears that Thursday, June 29, could be the first eviction of the season.

According to Big Brother Network, CBS did not reveal the season finale airdate, but the Big Brother 19 fans expect it to end around September 20. Even though the season kicks off a week later than the 2016 season, the finale will probably air on the same night as Survivor 35 season premiere episode.

This weekend, Big Brother is conducting a series of casting calls, looking for new houseguests for the 2017 season. Even though the casting department appears to be looking for new people, the rumors swirling on social media is that BB19 will be an all-stars season.

It seems like every season the fans start rumors that Big Brother will air an all-star season. And every year, CBS announces an all-new cast, with a few returning players.

A few weeks ago, Julie Chen teased fans with a picture of Britney Haynes on Instagram with the caption, “Are you ready for Big Brother?”

The Big Brother fans speculated that she used Britney’s picture because she could be returning for BB19 or dropping a hint that next season will be all-stars.

Mood, waiting for #Summer. Anyone else ready for #BB19? ????????

A post shared by JULIE CHEN (@juliechencbs) on

It’s unlikely that Big Brother will have another all-star season. Chen admitted that the all-star season (BB7) was the lowest rated season in the show’s history. Julie seemed to think that Big Brother may never have another all returning cast season. She explained that according to CBS’s research, most viewers want to see all new houseguests.

“I have been actually pushing for an all-star season in that it’s beyond ‘all-star,’” Chen teased.

“It’s the cream of the crop. It’s the winner from each season to compete. So, it’s the ‘Winner’s Circle.’ And I’m talking back to season one, Eddie [McGee]. I mean all the way back!”

CBS will release another press release in June, revealing the houseguests that will enter the Big Brother house and compete to win $500,000 and title of BB19 winner.

Big Brother fans, have you applied to appear on the CBS summer reality TV show? Do you think CBS will ever agree to another all-star season?

Big Brother 19 premieres on June 28, Wednesday, at 8/7 p.m.

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