NASA Rover ‘Runs Over’ Mars Face, Top UFO Expert Claims: See Photos Of New Face

A top online UFO researcher on Tuesday posted photos of new “face” formation on the Mars surface, discovered in a NASA photos taken a day earlier. But the researcher also claimed that shortly after the photos were snapped by the Curiosity Rover, the largest NASA rover on Mars, the vehicle ran over the face formation and destroyed it.

While there’s been no confirmation from NASA that the “face” formation was actually damaged by the Curiosity Rover, the angle at which the pictures were taken appear to indicate that the exploratory vehicle was heard on a direct line straight over the supposed face.

The face, which seems to depict a human-like visage in profile, appears at the center of the following NASA photo from the surface of Mars, posted on March 13.

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The alleged face was discovered by prolific anomaly-hunter Scott C. Waring, a former United States Air Force service member who now resides in Taiwan, and, according to the biography on his blog, he started the site, UFO Sightings Daily, after experiencing a pair of UFO sightings, including one while still in the military.

“I found this giant head on Mars today. Its detail is remarkable and I have to say the species that created it looks a lot like humans. The long nose, chin and big eyes, round forehead…all prove this,” Waring wrote on his blog Tuesday. “This is the newest photos from the Curiosity rover that just came out today from Sol 1635, Nav Cam Right B, taken March 13, 2017 at 02:41:55 UTC. This face is 1.5 meters across.”

But Waring went on to lament what he believes to be the terrible fate of this ancient artifact.

“As you can see, it there, visible with your own eyes. Evidence…of an alien race once living on Mars long ago. Waiting for the NASA Curiosity Rover to drive over it and destroy this piece of art that has stood the test of war and time…thousands of years…all just to be run over by a 1 ton rover. NASA destroys what they do not understand.”

The face which Waring identifies as the deliberately created artwork of an ancient race of aliens either living or visiting Mars eons in the past is far from the first strange formation that he and other UFO experts have picked out by combing through the thousands of NASA photos transmitted by Curiosity and other Mars exploration vehicles.

Also on Tuesday, Waring said that he spotted an ancient “dagger” on the Martian surface.

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The Curiosity River landed on Mars back on August 5, 2012, after an unmanned spaceflight that took about nine months to traverse the nearly 250 million mile distance through space to reach the red planet.

In February of this year, Curiosity experienced a short circuit that left it immobilized. But on March 11, NASA engineers were able to fix the problem and send Curiosity on its way again. The Face on Mars photos discovered by Waring are among the first images sent back to Earth after the rover went back into action.

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