Mars NASA Images Show Human ‘Face With Hat,’ Shark Fossil, Top UFO Hunter Claims

NASA images from the surface of Mars have revealed some startling findings, according to a prominent online UFO researcher who has made numerous similar claimed discoveries of anomalies of the Martian surface; anomalies that if they could ever be verified would appear to show a link between Mars and ancient Earth.

UFO expert Scott C. Waring made his findings by studying the composite of Mars NASA images compiled by Neville Thompson at this link.

Perhaps the most startling discovery by Waring, buried in the above image, was a “face with (a) hat.”

“I found a few items in this Mars photo and though you might be interested in some of them. The above screenshots show a face. The face has a shell like hat on and a long nose and pointy chin,” Waring wrote on his blog, the popular UFO Sightings Daily, on Tuesday, February 14.

“I also found a turtle creature that died and was fossilized in the photo below,” Waring continued. “The shell is easy to make out and the head area. This evidence that shelled creatures did exist long ago on Mars, although I have no evidence that they still exist today. Also I found a pipe sticking out of a rock structure and many other unusual objects.”

Here are Waring’s close-ups of the alleged turtle and shark fossils, taken from publicly available NASA images.

But are the latest findings by Waring the real deal? Or has the prolific UFOlogist and alien-spotter simply looked at ordinary rocks on the surface of Mars and interpreted their shapes incorrectly; an example of pareidolia, the phenomenon of spotting faces and recognizable shapes in randomly occurring natural formations such as clouds and mountainsides.

Waring himself has argued on his blog that his findings do not represent pareidolia, but are actual formations uncovered by hours of tedious research on NASA images sent back by Mars Rover cameras.

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“Some confused people may even say this is Pareidolia, which is the illusion of seeing faces everywhere. I have masters in counselling and could easily open my own counselling office and charge $100+ US an hour. I know psychology, and yet, I’m at your disposal here,” Waring wrote in a blog post on January 31 of this year.

“You see, Pareidolia is the latest and greatest word used by the CIA to make you believe that what you see, is not what you see. CIA are trained at using psychology to manipulate the masses and its working. Remember they use to call every UFO in the sky a weather balloon. Then decades later they started using the work Venus. Now they use the term Pareidolia,” Waring wrote.

In that January 31 blog post, Waring presented images taken by the NASA Mars Opportunity rover that he described as “an alien face staring off into the distance. Its chin held high to show its pride, its round ear hole, its slight ridge of a nose…yes, it’s a reptilian.”

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[Featured Image By NASA/Getty Images]

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