WWE News: ROH Star Accepting Bookings — WWE Debut Ahead?

Ring of Honor has been a very popular company as of late. While the company has secured itself over the past 15 years as the No. 3 promotion in the United States, it has become much more competitive for the second spot nowadays. Many feel that Matt and Jeff Hardy have been the most intriguing characters of the past year, and wherever they are, it automatically presents a boost in the company.

This is proof by their Expedition of Gold, invading Mexico’s The Crash, along with United States promotions MCW Pro Wrestling and All Star Wrestling. In fact, this Expedition of Gold has positively influenced many independent promotions, as they have captured tag team championships for a number of companies across the country.

The Hardys have especially made Ring of Honor a buzzworthy promotion. As widely reported, Matt and Jeff Hardy appeared during Manhattan Mayhem and defeated the Young Bucks for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. They retained it at the 15th Anniversary Show against the Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice.

Also on the show was a match between Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish. This match was highly acclaimed, and ended with Lethal as the victor. During the past few weeks, Lethal has been vying to gain retribution from Cody Rhodes turning on him at Final Battle and joining the Bullet Club, while Bobby Fish has been one of the top stars standing in honor of ROH.

While Fish had an opportunity to become ROH World Heavyweight Champion, his quest was unsuccessful. From the latest announcement he made on Twitter, he may not be a full-time competitor for ROH in the new future. He announced, “Beginning March 27, 2017… I am once again accepting independent professional wrestling bookings.”

In speaking with USA Today, Fish explained how he defied the odds of what people expected his ROH run to be (h/t Wrestling Inc).

“I don’t think when I started working for Ring of Honor (in 2004), anyone thought this guy is going to wear our world title at some point. They thought they were getting a good hand and rightfully so. I think in my time with Ring of Honor and in New Japan for the last three to four years, I’ve proven that I’m much more than that. I can carry a company and I can be the man, but somebody has to pull that trigger. They’ve been reluctant to pull that trigger. In a way, I am the guy who was never supposed to be here. The world title wasn’t supposed to mine.”

Fish competed in ROH throughout the years, before making a significant impression by teaming up with Kyle O’Reilly under the name reDRagon. The team would become one of the most dominant teams in ROH, winning the championships on three occasions. They would also win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on two occasions.

With the announcement of Fish accepting booking, he received a swarm of messages from both independent promoters as well as people suggesting the he takes his talents to NXT. As of earlier this year, Fish reportedly re-signed a contract with ROH. However, this was after having some frustrations with his direction in the company, according to PWTorch.

“The signing of Bobby Fish is a big win for Ring of Honor. According to multiple sources, Fish was not happy about the way he was handled creatively, but obviously both sides were able to mend fences and come to terms on a new deal. Reading between the lines, ROH likely stepped up and made a strong offer to retain Fish, who turned away offers from WWE, NJPW, and TNA.

Although he has turned down an offer from WWE, which would have probably been a much lesser role at least in the beginning, his interest may have sparked up again. Whatever direction Fish decides to go with his professional wrestling career, the 40-year-old former ROH World Television Champion has used the past five years to become a very recognized name.

[Featured Image by Ring of Honor]