WWE News: Jeff Hardy Reveals His Future Goals In His Return To WWE

The past month in professional wrestling has been really weird and the majority of it has had to do with the Hardy Boyz. First, they were expected to stick with TNA Impact Wrestling, but then, they left and things have turned really ugly. Now, they have a short-term deal with Ring of Honor but will they ever return to WWE? If Jeff Hardy has anything to do with it, they will be back and he has a lot of plans for the brothers’ return.

Jeff and Matt Hardy have completely and totally finished their work with TNA Impact Wrestling, and they’re currently working on a “short-term deal” with Ring of Honor. Jeff recently spoke with SE Scoops about a number of things and he says they’re happy with how things are at this time.

wwe news jeff hardy return broken matt boyz hall of fame

TNA is still playing hardball with Anthem, its new parent company, trying to hold the “Broken” gimmick hostage and not let the Hardys use it anywhere else. As Sports Keeda has pointed out, Matt Hardy and his wife Reby are not letting it just go by unnoticed.

While they are working with ROH and still doing some independent work, the Hardy Boyz still have a future chance of returning to WWE, but will it happen. Further on in his conversation with SE Scoops, Jeff spoke of making a comeback with the company and all of the goals he has for their return to WWE.

“I would love to introduce the Broken Universe to WWE eventually. I think it would be huge. As far as character driven or just a fresh vibe in in the pro wrestling world, yeah I think eventually I’m sure I’m going to jump back into the solo dimension and I’d love to be the world champion again. In my career in WWE, if it works out, the whole Hall of Fame and all that stuff. It started there and I’d like to end there. For now, I’m just having a blast doing the indies and I love the Broken Universe stuff with Matt, I think it’s the best thing he’s ever done. It’s just hard to keep a straight face around him at times, but he can be serious and make sense in a weird way, it’s just so fun. I hope it lasts as long as it can.”

By those words, it is completely obvious that he wants to head back to WWE and return to where everything started. There are some obstacles that they would have to get past, but it would make great business sense for Triple H and Vince McMahon to welcome the Hardys back with their “Broken” gimmick.

wwe news jeff hardy return broken matt boyz hall of fame

Jeff went on to say that he still follows what WWE is currently doing and that the WrestleMania 33 match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be “something big.”

For years, WWE has been without the Hardy Boyz and fans would love to see them bring their incredibly popular gimmick to the company. Jeff went on to say that he’s having a lot of fun as things are now, but as for WWE, he does “kind of miss those crowds” and hopes to be able to “revisit them.”

It is blatantly obvious that the most important thing to Matt and Jeff Hardy is to have creative control over their “Broken” gimmick and take it with them wherever they go. Right now, they are wrestling in Ring of Honor and battling it out with TNA Impact Wrestling, but that will pass. The Hardy Boyz have future plans in place and they know that the ultimate goal is to return to WWE and play them all out, but fans simply have to be patient.

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