WWE News: Top Superstar Name-Drops Matt Hardy Right After He Parts Ways With TNA

For months, many have wondered if the Hardy Boyz would leave TNA Impact Wrestling and return to WWE, but nothing much was ever really known. Well, just yesterday, everything blew up as the current TNA World Tag Team Champions decided to part ways with their company and become free agents in the world of professional wrestling. Rumors started to swirl, and then, the flames were fanned by a former WWE Champion name-dropping Matt Hardy out of nowhere.

Sasha Banks has so much going on in the company right now as she is about to face off with Nia Jax once again, but she is well aware of the drama going on elsewhere. While she may not have anything to do with it directly, Banks made sure she got involved.

Yesterday, there was a lot of drama and plenty of confusion as to what the Hardy Boyz were going to do with their contracts expiring on Wednesday. Well, after being disrespected by their current company, the brothers decided to officially leave TNA, per Pro Wrestling Sheet.

From there, fans started asking Matt about heading to WWE, and he simply let everyone know that all things are possible.

This all happened right before Monday Night Raw went on the air and it was the go-home show for the Fastlane pay-per-view on Sunday. During that episode, three new matches were announced, and one of them was a rematch between Sasha Banks and Nia Jax.

As WWE announced the big match on Twitter, they decided to use a very interesting choice of words for Banks vs. Jax.

While WWE may have been dropping some subtle hints and referencing the huge Hardy Boyz situation that took place just a few hours before, one former champion didn’t mince words. Sasha Banks decided to head right to the source of all that is “broken.”

From there, Matt Hardy had a very interesting and exciting response.

Now, this whole thing with Banks may end up being absolutely nothing more than a couple of in-ring professionals interacting on Twitter, but it sure is conspicuous timing. The Hardy Boyz officially parting ways with TNA Impact Wrestling happened right as Monday Night Raw started, and from there, social media lost their minds.

Sasha Banks is part of a couple huge storylines on Raw with a match at Fastlane and rumored to be in a huge title match at WrestleMania 33. While she has her hands full enough with everything going on, but Banks made sure to bring up the excitement of the fans by specifically name-dropping one of the brothers.

[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

There is so much that still isn’t known regarding the Hardy Boyz and where they will go once their contracts with TNA officially expire on Wednesday. No matter what, it seems as if their relationship with the promotion is, for lack of a better word, completely broken.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., the broken one’s wife Reby Sky jumped on Twitter all day on Monday and started ripping into TNA as a company. She even said she was planning on holding the TNA Tag Team Title belts hostage and melting them down if the company decided to keep disrespecting her and her family.

Sasha Banks simply may have thought that it was fun to tease the fans and name-drop Matt Hardy out of nowhere after her match at Fastlane was confirmed. Knowing how the fans are, it only made the rumors turn even louder after the Hardy Boyz officially parted ways with TNA Impact Wrestling. Many are wondering what their next move will be and if a WWE return is in the works, but only time will tell where the “broken” brothers will end up.

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