Angelina Jolie And Son Tour Buckingham Palace After Star Appears As Guest Prof

Angelina Jolie has been traveling quite a bit with her children for both work and pleasure. The UN envoy, actress, and director has likely enjoyed a bit of time away from the courtroom that she and estranged husband Brad Pitt frequented over the past few months.

Recently Angelina was on location in Cambodia filming for a new project and took her six children, whose full physical custody she is fighting for. The beauty and her daughter Vivienne were seen enjoying time together and Jolie was snapped with her kids trying various delicacies from the nation.

The most recent locale Angelina has visited with her children is London. The actress and son Maddox, 15, were given a private tour of Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. The Sun relays details about the visit paid by Jolie and her eldest son.

“They received a highly unusual private tour of the Queen’s official residence, according to reports. No members of the royal family were present for the visit. Normally the palace is open for tours only for a few weeks in July and August.”

Jolie was also spotted book-shopping in Picadilly with daughter Vivienne at Waterstones.

Angelina was in the city as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics where she gave a lecture just before heading for her tour of the palace. The publication notes words of Jolie regarding the nervousness she felt prior to giving the lecture when she chatted with the Evening Standard the night before. Angelina said,”I’m a little nervous, feeling butterflies. I hope I do well. This is very important to me.”

Although Angelina admitted in the interview that she definitely had “butterflies” as she prepared to give the lecture, the lesson seemed to go splendidly with the postgraduate students at the school’s Centre for Women, Peace, and Security. Students present at the lecture weighed in on social media with adjectives such as “wonderful” and “incredible” in reference to how it was to be a part of.

Jolie reportedly shared about her experience as a UN special envoy and relayed details as to how sexual violence is used in war-torn nations. Fittingly, Jolie also spoke about the campaign that she and William Hague have launched regarding rape in war.

“All of us involved in PSVI are proud of the work so far. But with much more to do we are very focused on the next steps: taking the tools that have been developed into the field to help document crimes and support prosecutions, working with militaries to change doctrine and training, and pushing for the implementation of laws to protect the very vulnerable victims.”

It’s clear that Jolie is continuing to be steadfast in various endeavors that she is passionate about, such as her role as a humanitarian, notable actress, and loving mother, despite the dramatic divorce. Jolie is seemingly a bit of a Wonder Woman seeing as she is able to achieve all of the above and also appears to be stunning and her near-perfect self in the latest ad for Guerlain.

The mother of six was named as the latest face of Guerlain late last year, and the ads for the campaign were just recently launched. In addition to the print ad, the short clip for the brand shows a gorgeous Angelina frolicking in a beautiful setting. It is believed to have been filmed back in September on the estate of the chateau in France which Brad and Angelina owned, as The Huffington Post shares. Additionally, it has been said that the family was returning home from the visit that included filming this clip when the infamous and alleged private jet incident occurred. It was this said event that sparked the FBI investigation against Pitt and also prompted Jolie to announce she was filing for divorce.

[Featured Image by Jordan Pix/Getty Images]