WWE News: Shawn Michaels Tells Why The Undertaker Never Joined ‘The Kliq’

When looking back at the professional wrestling careers of both The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, it is hard to say who had a better one. Actually, there really isn’t a point in that as they are both legends, and both WWE superstars took different paths throughout their careers which led to amazing moments. Everyone knows that Shawn Michaels used to run with the Kliq, and now he’s explaining why The Undertaker never joined the iconic group.

As WWE heads toward WrestleMania 33 in a few weeks, there are many past and present superstars making the press rounds. One of them is Shawn Michaels who has been doing his press tour and discussing the upcoming pay-per-view and how huge it is for WWE and Orlando.

Recently, the “Heartbreak Kid” spoke with Sports Illustrated about a number of topics and as usual, the subject of The Kliq came up. Anyone who is a hardcore wrestling fan knows of the group of friends that included Michaels, Triple H, X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall.

wwe news the undertaker shawn michaels kliq
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Over the years and across multiple wrestling promotions, The Kliq was extremely influential in and out of the ring. The thing is, The Undertaker has maybe had just as much influence in the wrestling business, but why didn’t he ever join the infamous group of stars?

Shawn Michaels has the perfect answer to that question.

“Taker has always been a calm, cool, and collected guy. But the Kliq? We were loud and obnoxious.”

That is about as Shawn Michaels of an answer as one can possibly get, and well, he’s actually quite right about it. The chaos and insanity of The Kliq were seen in D-Generation X in WWE and over in WCW with the New World Order. Quite honestly, it is very difficult to see The Undertaker being a part of either one of those stables.

Everyone had different people they hung around with, though, and The Undertaker had his own group of friends. No matter how a character comes across on television, they’re going to want to have people to talk to and ride to events with and all of those sorts of things.

wwe news the undertaker shawn michaels kliq

Michaels revealed the group of wrestlers that The Undertaker ran with, and it’s hard to imagine that group as well.

“Taker was great friends with Kevin and Scott Hall. We’ve always got along, too, and clearly now we’re closer than ever, but ‘Taker had his own crew. He ran with Yoko and the Godwins and some other guys, and we hung out with them a bunch.”

Just imagine that for a second. Walking into a room and seeing The Undertaker hanging around with Yokozuna and just passing the time as good friends. It isn’t totally out of the question to imagine Taker with the Godwins as they were also both part of the Corporate Ministry stable during the Attitude Era.

When it comes to the wrestling world, the backstage area is just like being in the ring and how different superstars associate. It’s quite interesting to see how The Kliq came to be and Shawn Michaels describes that as well.

“The Undertaker wasn’t in the Kliq, and it’s the same with John Cena and me. We’ve always gotten along well, but we never rode up and down the road together. Scott and I have known each other since the ’80s in our days wrestling in Kansas City. I specifically asked to work with Kevin and wanted to have him on my side, so he comes in the door and started riding with me. Everyone knows the story with Hunter—he came in and knew that we weren’t well-liked, but he wanted to hang us with us anyway. Scott worked with Sean on his first night on Raw, and he sort of has that Curt Hennig gene in him. Curt always grabbed a young guy and said, ‘You’re jumping in the car with me,’ and that’s what Scott did with Sean.

“That’s how all of that happened, and we were all just running around, and then, one day, somebody called us a name, and it stuck. This faction of people turned into this ominous thing in the wrestling business, and that’s what is great about the wrestling business. You can become anything you want.”

Once again, seeing John Cena and Shawn Michaels together on screen and in the ring is something that works, but it is hard to imagine them hanging out together.

The Kliq is one of the most well-known and controversial groups in the history of professional wrestling, and it really didn’t need any more star power. Sure, The Undertaker was/is friends with those from the group, but as Shawn Michaels said, he had his own group of guys with which he hung around. Without breaking character too, it would have been difficult to see The Undertaker take part in anything with The Kliq in WWE.

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