Joy-Anna Duggar Surprised By An Outdoor Engagement Dinner Planned By Fiance

Joy-Anna Duggar will be a married woman very soon, and it looks like she is getting just a taste of what life will be like with her soon-to-be husband, Austin Forsyth. The anticipated announcement that the two lovebirds had taken the step from just courting to becoming engaged came on March 3, and fans of the Counting On family were thrilled about it. It looks like this may just be a match made in Heaven, as seen in a few photos that were taken of them enjoying their quiet engagement dinner together.

Apparently, as soon as Joy-Anna accepted Austin’s marriage proposal, they both headed off to a romantic dinner in the great outdoors. Of course, they were not really completely alone as they had their chaperones with them. Younger Duggar daughters, Johannah and Jennifer, were on hand to make sure that nothing too intimate happened between them as they were on their romantic date. The Duggar Family Blog had the details and a few photos of their time together out in the wilderness.

The engaged couple obviously both love the fresh air. Austin asked Joy to court while overlooking the Arkansas mountains. He asked her to marry him outdoors, and then he had planned this amazing dinner celebrating their upcoming future together. He seemed to have everything in place for his girl, complete with delicious food, tree lights, and a perfect view to gaze upon. Of course, they seemed to only have eyes for each other, so they may not have noticed anything else.

Austin took his future bride on horseback to propose and to the spot where he had set up a table for two for a romantic dinner of venison, potatoes, and green beans. The food was all cooked on a grill. They had apparently feasted on a deer that they had hunted together. The bulbs on the trees above the table completed the romantic setting. The gorgeous sunset also looked like the perfect ending to an amazing day for these two.

Joy-Anna is only 19-years-old, but she is certainly not too young to know that this guy is the one that she wants to spend the rest of her life with, and the Duggar family couldn’t be happier for her. She also has many fans reveling in happiness over the engagement news as well.

This may not be the only Duggar wedding this year as it was just recently announced that Joy-Anna’s older brother, Joseph, has entered into a courtship with a new girl, Kendra Caldwell. Knowing how serious courting is to this reality TV family, this could very well lead to a wedding proposal. Could there be a double wedding coming up?

Of course, being a Duggar means that there is always controversy lurking somewhere that usually ends up rearing its ugly head eventually. Just recently, a report put out by AOL said that members of the Caldwell family had passed out pamphlets to their local community stating that homosexuals do not exist. Many are not happy about that, and now it has become a big story that the newly courting couple will have to deal with. She obviously comes from a family that is very similar to the Duggar clan.

As for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth, their romance may have been budding for a while now, but their whirlwind courtship has been very quick. No official wedding date has been announced just yet, but you can bet that Joy and her sisters have been planning and buzzing around getting things ready to go for the upcoming nuptials.

TLC may just air their wedding separate from their reality show, Counting On, just as they did with older sister Jinger’s wedding. The next season will not air until sometime this summer, so it is very doubtful that this couple will wait that long to become husband and wife. Stay tuned to see what develops next in the world of the Duggars.

What do you think of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s whirlwind romance?

[Featured Image by TLC/YouTube]