E9 Flies: Are Humans The Fledged Bald Eagle’s Greatest Threat? Watch Live Cams

On March 14, 2017, at approximately 7:22 a.m. ET, E9 accidentally fledged the nest located on Dick Pritchett’s private property and is now on the greatest adventure in the 74-day-old bald eagle’s life. E9 was practicing branching skills when a jump from the nest to an adjoining branch and back again resulted in a mishap on the return. E9 lost footing, dangled from the nest then fell. Fortunately, E9 flew just in time to break the fall and landed safely on the ground. As E9 fledged, there has been great concern for the bald eagle’s safety, and it was hoped that E9 would put those new flying skills into practice and follow mom Harriet and dad M15 back to the nest. Now, there is great concern that human interference is threatening E9’s safety and resulting in the eaglet’s separation from mom, dad, and the nest.

Update: Since this article was published, E9 has been spotted by the old cam tree. He is nearly back in the nest. You may watch a video clip taken from the live cam below.

You may watch the Southwest Florida Eagle Cams live online in the video playlist below. Also included are other videos featuring live eagle cams.

Here is a playlist from Whiskrsnwings featuring Harriet, M15 and E9.

Watch E9’s Greatest Adventure

Watch: Views of E9’s Fall

Waiting for E9 to Return to the Nest (photos)

Those tempted to go the Pritchett property to take photos or if they think they can help E9 are advised to stay away…. It is best to leave the eagles alone and let E9 return home. Harriet and M15 know what they are doing, and the worst thing that can happen at this point is human interference. E9 is not hurt, and Harriet and M15 know what is going on. Keep in mind that the nest and E9 are on private property. If you want to watch E9, Harriet, and M15, then tune into the live cam and follow the official Southwest Florida Eagle Cam for updates and news.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Photo Album: Nesting Tree, No Trespassing Signs, Property and More

[Featured Image by Vagabond54/Shutterstock]