Hillary Clinton — The Movie: Upcoming Film Stars Addison Timlin As Young Hillary

The 2016 presidential campaign may be history, with Hillary Clinton losing her bid to become the first woman president, but Clinton’s legend will live on in several new movies. That includes the upcoming independent film When I’m a Moth, which recently completed production and was announced at the South by Southwest festival over the weekend.

Clinton lost the election despite winning almost 3 million more votes than her opponent Donald Trump. But the upcoming movie, which currently has no set a release date, will not focus on the election — or for that matter, on Clinton’s political career at all.

Instead, When I’m a Moth depicts a little-known and largely undocumented summer-long period in the young Clinton’s life, at age 22 when she was still known simply as Hillary Rodham. In the summer of 1969, following her graduation from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, but prior to enrolling at Yale Law School — where in 1971 she would meet her future husband, and future president, Bill Clinton — Clinton traveled through Alaska.

Although little if any records beyond her own recounting of the experience exist, Clinton spent the summer not only traveling around Alaska but working at a fish canning plant there, according to her website.

“One of Hillary’s jobs was in a salmon cannery in a small fishing town,” the site explains. “There she was tasked with gutting fish. Dressed in a pair of thick knee-high boots, standing in bloody water, Hillary removed salmon guts using a spoon, as supervisors regularly yelled at her to speed up.”

The young Hillary Rodham is portrayed in the film by 25-year-old American actress Addison Timlin.

Clinton claims that the only time she had ever been fired from a job was her employment in the Alaskan fish cannery when she complained to management about working conditions in the facility.

Timlin, a native of Philadelphia, is already a Hollywood veteran despite her relative youth, having made her television debut in the short-lived CBS TV series 3 Lbs in 2006, according to her Internet Movie Database profile.

But Timlin is perhaps best known for her role as “Sasha Bingham” on the Showtime series Californication in 2011.

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But Moth co-directors Magdalena Zyzak and Zachary Cotler insist that the film is not intended as a “bio-pic” of Hillary Clinton.

“It’s about how politics makes you not real,” Cotler said at the SXSW festival.

Cotler, however, would not elaborate on how the film interprets Clinton’s Alaska experience or which aspects of that period in the future Democratic presidential nominee’s life are depicted in When I’m a Moth.

The film is far from the only upcoming Hollywood production to depict the life of Hillary Clinton — or parts of it, anyway. Not one but two planned television miniseries are set to recount the eventful 2016 presidential election campaign, which saw Clinton become the first woman ever to become the nominee of a major political party — only to lose under the Electoral College system to a former reality TV star.

Another independent film, titled Rodham, is reportedly set to begin production later this year. The film focuses on Clinton’s years as a lawyer in the 1970s, but the role of Hillary Rodham has not yet been cast.

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