Melania Trump Lightens Hair To Match ‘Renewal’ Theme Before Her White House Move

Melania Trump’s hair color is part of her “Renewal” theme that she called for at the White House recently during the Governor’s Ball. The first lady is lightening her hair on a gradual basis to mark new beginnings before she moves to Washington, D.C. in the next few months.

A source described as having ties to Melania Trump told New York Daily News that the former model is gaining more confidence in her new role as the first lady. She’s getting a feel for the position and has been central to organizing two large events at the White House now — the Governor’s Ball and the International Women’s Day luncheon.

The source explains that Mrs. Trump’s motto of “Spring Renewal” translates to a new look that’s fresh for her as she prepares to make a move to Washington, D.C.

“She had a theme for the Governors dinner — ‘Spring Renewal.’ And she’ll be in full bloom when she moves into the White House.”

Melania Trump has a hairdresser from Beverly Hills she flies to New York to process her hair color, a “salon snitch” reveals.

“She flies in her hairdresser from Beverly Hills, Alen M, who also works in New York City. He’s responsible for her color. They decided recently that she should go blonder. You can see the highlights. The process is called ‘balayage.’”

Highlighting hair via the balayage method is meant to mimic how the hair would respond naturally to sunlight. Melania’s hair is noticeably getting lighter each time she makes a public appearance. It’s a technique made widely popular mostly from social media, says celebrity stylist, George Papanikolas. He says it’s an expensive procedure that requires a great deal of skill on behalf of the stylist, but women only need touch-ups four times a year.

Papanikolas thinks if Melania Trump went too light, it wouldn’t be flattering on her.

“If she went super blond it would probably look really harsh on her. By keeping the brown depth and contrast in her hair rather than going all blond, I think it still looks flattering and youthful on her.”

The snitch also spills that Melania gets extensions to give her hair more volume.

When Alex M comes to New York, he meets Melania and 10 Secret Service agents at an E. 57th St. boutique called L’Appartement after the salon’s business hours.

Some plans for Melania Trump will remain the same when she moves into the White House, however. America will see more of her elegant gowns at White House functions. She’s collaborating with Herve Pierre, the designer responsible for her inauguration ball gowns.

Another insider dishes that Mrs. Trump likes a certain style in all of her dresses.

“She wants her dresses modern, sleek and form fitting.”

Melania Trump’s approval ratings in a CNN poll revealed that 52 percent of Americans approve of the new first lady, a marked increase before the inauguration in which just 32 percent approved of her. The 46-year-old has been more visible and is seen being proactive in her role, and the public is warming up to her. She’s helping to address the struggles that women encounter and spoke about that on International Women’s Day.

Once her 10-year-old son, Barron, finishes his current school year in New York, he and his mother will move to Washington, D.C.

As for her new look emerging before her move into the White House, will Melania Trump go even lighter with her hair?

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]