Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Strange New Landing Spot Emerges For Tony Romo

The neverending saga of Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys appeared to have a definite end last week, but that didn't happen. The same can be said for the countless rumors of a trade to this team or a trade to that team over the last few years, but he is still in Dallas. It is almost a foregone conclusion that he will be released, but where will he end up? A couple of teams have emerged as the frontrunners for Romo, but now, there is a new landing spot that has emerged and it is weird.

Numerous teams could take a shot at signing Romo once the Cowboys actually release him, but here it is a week into free agency and he's still in Dallas. Last week, ESPN reported that the team was going to officially release Romo last Thursday, but it didn't happen.

It is still expected that the Cowboys are going to release the veteran signal-caller, but no one knows when or why they are holding onto him for so long. The longer it gets into free agency, the fewer options he will have. However, one unlikely new landing spot has since emerged.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo texans broncos fox sports
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Forbes is reporting that while the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos are the frontrunners, it may not be out of the question for Romo to retire. If he does end up bidding farewell to the field, Fox Sports is ready to offer him a deal that would have him join their NFL announcing crew to replace John Lynch.

In January, Lynch left the booth and network to become the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers.

Romo wouldn't be the only former Dallas Cowboys' quarterback on the announce team for Fox Sports. Troy Aikman has been a long staple of the network and is used primarily in one of the top announce teams alongside Joe Buck.

The only problem is that Romo has said on a number of occasions that he is not ready to stop playing football. The former starter believes he has healed up from his injuries and is ready to start for a Super Bowl contender somewhere else in the NFL. The only problem is that not only do we not know where he is going, but no one knows when that will happen either.

dallas cowboys rumors tony romo texans broncos fox sports
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After the report came about that the Cowboys were going to release Romo last Thursday, other teams prepared to pounce. Now, with Jerry Jones holding onto him, it appears that he is hopeful there can be a trade worked out somehow so Dallas doesn't end up getting anything in return.

CBS Sports is reporting that the Broncos and Texans have now drawn a "line in the sand" when it comes to making a trade work for Romo. The two teams are not willing to just trade anything and everything for Romo, and as of now, it appears as if Houston is the team in most need of a veteran quarterback.

Right now, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are biding their time and hoping to get the most in return for their often-injured signal-caller. If they wait too long, though, they may end up hurting him and themselves in the process.

The Dallas Cowboys have quarterback Dak Prescott, and that means it is time for Tony Romo to go. He could end up with the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos, who both need help at the quarterback position. Now, Fox Sports thinks he may just want to call it a career and sit behind a desk for them on their weekly shows. No one seems to know where Romo will go, but something has to happen soon.

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