Animal Adventure Park Update: Giraffe Cam In New York Snowstorm, April ‘Close’

An Animal Adventure Park update was released this morning as the giraffe cam in New York is being affected by the snowstorm that has moved into the area. Meanwhile, April the giraffe is said to be “close” to going into labor. After watching April hang out in her stall for several days, folks are starting to panic that the live feed is going to go out and April is going to go into labor during the storm!

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The following message was posted on Facebook this morning by Animal Adventure Park.

“Animal Care is up and at it early today. In addition to animal needs, storm Stella has [begun] to unload on our area and the park will need be made accessible.Behavior observed at 4/4:30 am EST did warrant a check of condition. Keeper report indicates April remains in the same condition as observed in earlier overnight checks. The storm has, and will likely, continue to disrupt signal. The cam may go off line and then restart. To get the most recent LIVE feed, subscribe to our YouTube channel. That channel will have any and all videos and LIVES.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Animal Adventure Park gave April the giraffe fans an exciting update on Monday night. Since the pregnant giraffe had been showcasing signs of pre-labor including discharge and a drop in belly, a vet was called in to take a look at her. The zoo confirmed that the giraffe was “close” to going into labor but that she wasn’t “officially” in labor just yet.

“Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion, and pulsing in this area has been noted, and discharge has been observed. Ladies and gentlemen – we are close. We are still not confirming active labor but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.”

Millions of people have tuned in to watch the giraffe cam which is filming live from Animal Adventure Park in New York. Although this is April’s fourth calf (the zoo says that she’s a “pro!”), it’s the first giraffe calf for the zoo — so, all around, it’s a very exciting time!

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Animal Adventure Park posts an update on April each morning and has been doing so at night as well. Fans have been keeping a close eye on the giraffe cam and cannot wait to see the moment this calf is born. Despite the storm that has blanketed the area with snow, Animal Adventure Park is hoping to keep people updated on April. If the zoo loses power and the camera feed is cut off, fans will be able to keep up with April’s progress by visiting their website.

Meanwhile, people all over the world can’t get enough of this pregnant giraffe! Animal Adventure Park has officially put themselves on the map, and their superstar has gone viral! Of course, if the calf is born during the storm, people are hoping that Animal Adventure Park will name her Stella (if it’s a girl) since that’s the name of the Nor’easter sweeping through the area today. Other name suggestions include “Unity,” “Hope,” and “Star.”

Animal Adventure Park will be taking name suggestions from the public once the calf is born. Until then, it’s still a waiting game. April will likely give birth soon as zookeepers say that she’s “moving in the right direction.”

When do you think April will go into labor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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