Potential ‘Supernatural’ Spoilers: Does Dean Winchester Have Men Of Letters Plan

Dean in the hands of the Men of Letters.

The following contains potential – although not definite – Supernatural spoilers. As noted by Nerdist, the ending of this recent episode was a bit surprising. While in previous outing of Supernatural, both Sam and Dean had questioned whether their mother Mary really should be associating with people who tortured them in a previous episode. But now – suddenly – Dean seems okay with them working with the Men of Letters. Is he really?

The Torture Session

In the aforementioned previous episode, Sam was thoroughly tortured by a supposedly rogue Men of Letters agent. Although this person ultimately got her comeuppance, it wasn’t before Dean also had to undergo a bit of torture at the supposedly civilized hands of the British chapter of Men of Letters.

Even though the Men of Letters organization claimed it was all an unfortunate incident they regretted, Dean and Sam weren’t buying it.

First They Got Mary

Eventually though, the Men of Letters began to wheedle their way back into the Winchester family circle by drawing their mother Mary into their operations. It was a bit of quid pro quo, with them providing her with high-tech magical gadgetry and her providing them with numerous bad guy kills.

When Sam and Dean found out about her extracurricular activities with the Men of Letters, they weren’t entirely pleased. But even though they both suggested she should back out of her deal with the organization, this didn’t happen.

Then They Got Sam

Sam Winchester was the next to be drawn into the web that the Men of Letters are weaving. Somewhat sad and pathetically, Sam was secretly keeping in contact with his mother Mary via texting, but wasn’t telling Dean. Then, this all blew up in the last episode, with Dean learning that Sam had been getting their most recent cases from the Men of Letters.

Dean – surprisingly – gave the appearance of going along with the whole thing, despite the caveat near the end of his comments. But is Dean scheming? After all, both Mary and Sam were less than entirely forthright with him, so he might feel it’s OK to keep his own council.

As an aside, the stuff with Crowley and Lucifer was very entertaining this week. Just when you thought that Old Nick had finally gotten the upper hand over Crowley and was about to hand out some hellish punishment, it turned out Crowley had been playing with Lucifer the whole time. The fake chains was classic Crowley.

The Cas storyline was far less interesting. It almost seemed like filler or an excuse to use Misha Collins in an episode.

The Dean Plan

Is Dean secretly planning on working his way into the Men of Letters so he can find out just what it’s up to? Certainly, the Men of Letters do seem a bit cultish. And we in the audience already know they are killing off basically all of the supernatural types they encounter – including even the most innocuous and harmless witches. In short, they are killing everybody.

As for what the Men of Letters might want from Sam and Dean – and it’s clear they want them – it might have something to do with the American Men of Letters headquarters the Winchesters are now using as home sweet home. There just might be secrets there that the British Men of Letters would like to get their hands on.

At some point, Dean will probably try to rope Sam in on what he’s doing, but it might be several episodes before this happens. In the meantime, the Supernatural spoilers will have to wait to be confirmed or disproved.

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