New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer May Contain Accidental Spoiler About Her Origin Story

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The new trailer for the upcoming DC Comics-based superhero movie, Wonder Woman, was released online Saturday — and the trailer left some comic book fans wondering if the trailer gave away more secrets about the legendary super heroine’s origin story than it meant to.

The remainder of this article about Wonder Woman contains possible SPOILERS for the film, so readers should be warned before proceeding.

For those who have not yet viewed the latest official Wonder Woman movie trailer from Warner Bros. Pictures, the studio that produces the DC Comics films, can watch the clip in the video below.

The comic book character of Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by a psychologist named William Moulton Marston, whose other claim to fame was inventing the lie detector test. Marston was also an early proponent of what later became the feminist movement.

As Marston told the story, Wonder Woman — Princess Diana of Themyscira, who goes by the name “Diana Prince” as her “secret identity” — was created out of clay by her mother, the Amazon Queen Hippolyta. She was then imbued with godlike superpowers by the Greek goddess Athena.

But in the 76 years since the first appearance of Wonder Woman in All-Star Comics No. 8, dozens of comic book writers and artists who have shepherded the character in the pages of various DC Comics publications have added new wrinkles to the super heroine’s classic origin story, in some cases revising it altogether.

According to the comic book industry news site Bleeding Cool, the new Wonder Woman movie may take its own surprise liberties with the origin story — and the trailer released Saturday may give away the secret.

Wonder Woman trailer, Wonder Woman origin, Wonder Woman movie, Gal Godot, DC Comics, DC entertainment, DC Movie Universe, Wonder Woman spoilers

Bleeding Cool writer Joe Glass dissected the trailer, zeroing in on the line — apparently referring to Diana — “But she must never know the truth about what she is.”

“I’d initially thought this is Hippolyta speaking, but I’m not so sure now. What is intriguing about this line is what this means for the origins of Diana in the DC Entertainment Universe,” Glass wrote, saying that previous reports and indications from earlier trailers pointed in the direction of the “made from clay” origin story for Wonder Woman. But Glass believes that clues in the new trailer point to the possibility that Diana only believes her “clay” origin story — and does not know the true story of how she came into existence.

“Add to this the fact that she is the only child on Themyscira, the suggestion that her training must be extra hard and special, and the fact that when she unleashes the shockwave, it seems to catch everyone by surprise, including Diana,” the Bleeding Cool writer wrote on Sunday.

“I think that for this movie, and the DCEU as a whole, Wonder Woman will discover that she does in fact have a father but I do not think it will be Zeus but rather, in a Star Wars-like reveal, that father will turn out to be the main antagonist of the film, Ares,” Glass speculated.

If in fact the film’s villain — the Greek war god — turns out to be the true father of Wonder Woman, that story would be closer to the version told in the DC Comics New 52 series. Except that in that Wonder Woman comic book series, the heroine’s father was not Ares, but the supreme Olympian god, Zeus.

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In an interesting coincidence, the trailer for the new Wonder Woman was released on March 11, one day before the 43rd anniversary of the first attempt to make a Wonder Woman feature film, a 1974 ABC-TV movie that starred actress and former pro tennis player Cathy Lee Crosby as Wonder Woman.

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