Katie Holmes Contract And Payment To Marry Cruise Cruise, What’s The Real Story?

Over the years there have been many details that have been revealed about the high-profile marriage and divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Some claims have been verified as true, while others, not so much.

Even still, rumors regarding the former couple’s marriage and a supposed contract are cropping up. It was said years back that Tom Cruise’s affiliation and prominence in the faith of Scientology led to interesting agreements and meant that Holmes had to comply with certain rules.

A blogger who writes about the controversial faith describes why the rumor about a contract became such big news and was believed to be fact. Tony Ortega shared with The Huffington Post in regards to how things became misconstrued, noting that the”‘urban legend probably grew out of a misunderstanding of what actually did occur.’several young women were vetted by the church [of Scientology] and ‘tried out’ as Tom’s next wife before Katie Holmes was chosen.”

The church had been reportedly assisting Tom to find a new wife that they approved of following his divorce from actress Nicole Kidman. As Romper states, Holmes accepted the faith and was married to Cruise in a ceremony that was ordained by Scientology members.

Since the divorce between Katie and Tom in 2012, constant claims have been made that a contract was signed and that Katie was paid to marry the actor. However, as Romper relays, this is highly unlikely, given the actions after the divorce was finalized.

“The fact that Holmes went for sole custody seems to again indicate that she didn’t sign a marriage contract or was paid for the marriage. If she had, it’d seem unlikely that part of the contract wouldn’t have included guaranteed custody or shared custody for any kids they had (though again, that’s just pure conjecture on my part).”

More speculation about this mysterious contract cropped up since Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx began to be a rumored couple. Ongoing rumors about secretive engagements and pregnancies hit the headlines in the tabloids and news sites, yet neither star fessed up to any romance and merely have said they are friends. This did not keep supposed sources from claiming that the secrecy was all due to the “contract” between Tom and Katie which says that Holmes isn’t allowed to date until a given period passes from the time the divorce was finalized.

There has still been no confirmation by Katie or Jamie that they are a couple, yet there was a sighting of the two on New Year’s Eve in Miami that made the rumors all the more believable.

New York Daily News reminds as to the details involving Holmes and Foxx in Miami.

“The actors were spotted having a romantic dinner in South Beach over New Year’s weekend, while the pair have been trying to keep their romance private, they were seen publicly getting close and holding hands next to the pool at SoHo House Miami in the wee hours of the morning after ringing in the New Year.”

So it seems there is a touch of truth in the rumors circulating regarding the romance. However, if the two are indeed a couple, the secrecy likely has nothing to do with any sort of contract involving Cruise. It more likely revolves around the fact that Katie is not keen on having a relationship that is surrounded by constant media attention like her marriage to Cruise was.

The stunning mother to Suri Cruise also has stated how her prime concern is her daughter, which has likely caused the talented beauty to ensure that her personal life and that of her daughter is not made public knowledge, aside from what Holmes herself chooses to reveal.

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