Paula Broadwell Hires Spin Doctors To Manage Petraeus Scandal

Paula Broadwell, the other woman in the David Petraeus scandal, has hired an expensive public relations firm to represent her.

The Glover Park Group, a high-profile strategic communications shop in the nation’s capitol, will apparently try to repair Broadwelll’s image and provide damage control. Among the 50 consultants (i.e., account managers) at the Glover Park Group, which was purchased by global advertising conglomerate WPP Plc in 2011, include Dee Dee Myers, Bill Clinton’s first press secretary.

According to Advertising Age, “Ms. Broadwell tapped the D.C. crisis and government affairs agency after news of her extramarital affair with Gen. Petraeus was uncovered by Florida socialite Jill Kelley.”

Global Park’s website offers this summary of its services under “crisis communications”:

“When a client faces a crisis – from a product recall, to litigation, to activist attacks – we strive to be a resource, helping drive fast, thoughtful decision making, tight internal coordination and precise execution.”

Over the weekend, there were various press accounts that the Patreaeus biographer deeply regrets the affair with the former head of the CIA and the damage that it has caused her family and all others involved. Ad Age notes that it’s hard to tell if the Glover Park Group had anything to do with getting these stories published, “but such coverage takes the spotlight off the investigation into the affair’s potential impact on national security and refocuses it on an individual trying to fix a personal mistake.”

Jill Kelley, the Tampa socialite who brought the scandal to the forefront after receiving those threatening emails, has already hired crisis manager Judy Smith to assist her in a similar manner. Smith’s former clients include Monica Lewinsky, Michael Vick, and Kobe Bryant.

In case you’re having any trouble sorting out all the players in the Broadwell-Petraeus-Kelley escapade, Taiwan CGI Studio Next Media Animation in its usual satirical way summarizes everything you need to know is this video: