The Jill Kelley, Bubba The Love Sponge Connection

Believe it or not, the latest revelation involving Tampa socialite Jill Kelley (the woman at the center of the David Petraeus scandal) involves pro wrestler Hulk Hogan’s former friend, shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge, who made an appearance outside Kelley’s mansion yesterday in a sound truck.

According to multiple media accounts, Bubba (real name Todd Clem) announced he was going to “deep fry” a copy of the Koran apparently as a publicity stunt last March. Reportedly, both CIA Director David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, who were concerned about the safety of Americans overseas if Clem went through with it, apparently contacted would-be diplomat Kelley to deal with this matter.

Kelley in turn emailed the Tampa mayor. According to London’s Daily Mail, “emails released today sent between Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and 37-year-old Kelley reveal that she was indeed acting at the behest of high-level U.S. government officials and implored the mayor to act.”

The mayor emailed that the city was “working on it,” and also wrote that “this Bubba the Love Sponge is a complete moron” according to the NY Daily News.

Bubba never followed through on the desecration after local police officers convinced him of the danger it might cause to US troops. But he said Kelley “probably did get intel to have me stop it, and that’s the problem itself.”

Mayor Buckhorn’s criticism particularly did not sit well with Bubba, the Tampa Bay Times reports:

“[Buckhorn] is a joke. He’s messing with the wrong guy, and I will make it my mission to destroy this guy. I am his political death sentence. Unless he apologizes to me and gives me a key to the city.”

The Daily News adds that “displeased over being called a ‘moron,’ the DJ drove his truck in front of the Kelley house for a half-hour, pumping a parody to the tune of Falco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ with the lyrics changed to ‘Petraeus.’ ”

Last month, Clem settled a lawsuit that had been filed against him by Hulk Hogan over the infamous sex tape.

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