Petraeus Scandal: Jill Kelley’s ‘Shirtless’ FBI Friend Identified

The FBI agent who was first contacted by Tampa socialite Jill Kelley about the threatening emails she received from Paula Broadwell, Gen. David Petraeus’ paramour has apparently been identified as Frederick Humphries, a veteran investigator who has worked on several high-profile terrorism cases.

After he was tipped off by Kelley, Agent Humphries’ initial investigation eventually led to the resignation of Petraeus as CIA Director.

Jill Kelley and Humphries were apparently family friends. There was a lot of media speculation about the actual relationship between the two, however, after reports that the agent had sent Kelley a shirtless photo of himself.

An attorney representing Humphries denied any implication of “sexting” according to ABC News:

“Lawrence Berger, a lawyer for Humphries, told ABC News Wednesday that his client had known the Kelley family for years and that the picture was just a ‘joke picture.’ Further, Berger said the photo was sent to Kelley and her husband long before the harassing emails in question were received.

“As described by Berger, the photo showed Humphries posing shirtless next to some shooting range dummies, apparently likening himself to the headless, bare-torsoed targets.

” ‘There was absolutely no romantic involvement or relationship whatsoever between Agent Humphries and Jill Kelley,’ said Berger.”

There has been some published reports that Humphries contacted several Members of Congress because he thought the investigation into the Petraeus-Broadwell affair was being stalled for political reasons, but his lawyer insists that Humphries “referred the matter to the FBI in accordance to proper protocol,” according to Yahoo! News.

Watch a report on FBI Agent Frederick Humphries from ABC’s Good Morning America:

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