Nicki Minaj Declines Remy Ma Collaboration Request, Claims To Have Won Feud

Nicki Minaj has no plans to ever record a collaboration with Remy Ma, it has been reported.

The self-proclaimed queen of rap is baffled by the fact that Remy has chosen to apologize for releasing "Shether," her seven-minute diss track that digs deep into Nicki's personal life regarding plastic surgery, allegedly sleeping with Drake, along with her brother Jelani's ongoing rape court case.

Nicki Minaj understands that the Terror Squad member wanted to prove herself in the industry and showcase her rap skills, especially after Minaj was said to have subliminally dissed Remy on Gucci Mane's "Make Love" record.

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Taking personal shots on two diss records and then apologizing for them has left Nicki Minaj absolutely speechless, insisting that if fans ever hoped to hear a collaboration from the two, it's not going to happen.

"Nicki [Minaj] thinks Remy [Ma]'s backtracking is ridiculous. If you are going to go in hard on someone and then try to be friends with them, what was the point of the diss in the first place?" a source tells Hollywood Life.

"Nicki feels she has now won the war and currently has no interest in collaborating with Remy. Nicki doesn't want to provide a paycheck for Remy at all."
Nicki Minaj was furious over the release of "Shether" track, mainly because of the personal things that Remy went on to rap about, such as her supposed conversation with Nicki's ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. The "It's Me" rapper reportedly recalled how he had to abstain from sex with the 34-year-old for 90 days because "her butt implant had popped."

Nicki was said to have been furious — to the point where she had started making phone calls, hoping that her influence in the music industry was powerful enough to prevent Remy from attending future red carpet events and paid club appearances.

At this given point, however, Nicki Minaj has settled with the fact that her rap opponent has proven herself to be someone that can't walk her talk, the source adds.

In an interview with the Another Round podcast, last week, Remy Ma openly confessed to feeling bad after releasing "Shether," mentioning how she's never been someone to bring down other women — it was so out of her character, she says.

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"I do not condone or recommend the tearing down of another female. I embrace females, I always wanna do some girl-oriented thing, we work so much better when we work together and help each other. However, in the event that you piss me off, and we become arch-enemies, run for cover."
Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj has confirmed reports that she's currently finishing up recording her forthcoming studio album, which is expected to hit stores before the year's end. Having already teased fans with three new songs earlier this week, as revealed by TMZ, two of which feature Lil Wayne and Drake, Nicki Minaj is letting fans know that she's eager to get her new material out for the world to hear as soon as possible.

Having somewhat addressed her feud with Remy on "No Frauds," which Nicki Minaj released on Thursday, it's said that the rapper-turned-businesswoman does not plan to address the matter ever again — not even on her upcoming album or forthcoming press interviews.

Nicki Minaj feels as if there's nothing more to be said. Remy had her shine with "Shether," but if she can actually put together a hit record that people will remember, the 34-year-old says she'll willing to reconsider the idea of mentioning Remy's name again.

Until then, Nicki Minaj is solely focused on her upcoming album. Are you looking forward to hearing some new music from Minaj?

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