Nicki Minaj: No Diss Track Planned, Thinks Remy Ma ‘Shether’ Is Beneath Her

Nicki Minaj has no plans to release a diss track in response to some of the things Remy Ma has said about the 34-year-old on her critically acclaimed “Shether.”

The song has since been named one of the greatest diss tracks in the history of all hip-hop feuds, but it’s important to note that Remy’s decision in recording the song in the first place was over subliminal digs Nicki Minaj had made at her in several songs.

Minaj reportedly started the beef after having branded the 36-year-old as a failed rapper that stands no chance of ever being in her lane when it comes to album sales and platinum plaques, as mentioned on Gucci Mane’s song “Make Love.”

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When “Shether” was released, even Nicki Minaj was said to have been surprised by the vicious and personal attacks Remy made on the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap, touching topics on everything from alleged botched surgeries to Minaj’s brother, Jelani, facing a lifetime prison sentence for reportedly raping a 12-year-old.

People in Nicki Minaj’s camp have been urging her to respond — it’s already been over a week and nothing has been said by the “Starships” hitmaker, which has made a lot of people question her credibility, having alway stressed how no female rapper has been able to outweigh her skills as a lyricist.

Nicki’s own fans have taken to Twitter, wondering why she won’t respond to the vicious jabs that have been made against her, especially since “Shether” had thousands of people ridiculing Minaj, claiming the reason why there had been no response was because Nicki was in need of another ghostwriter.

Hollywood Life now alleges that the actual reason behind Nicki Minaj opting not to clap back at Remy Ma is solely down to the supposed fact that she doesn’t feel as if the “All The Way Up” hitmaker is worth wasting her time on.

Nicki has told her closest friends that she’s a much bigger star than Remy, and by putting out a response will evidently give the mother-of-two exactly what she wants, which Minaj says is publicity to jumpstart a failed career.

“Nicki’s not stupid. She knows all Remy wants to do is go toe-to-toe with the baddest female in rap in order to jump start her failed career. Nicki’s got nothing to prove,” the insider shares.

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“She’s slayed them all! Mariah [Carey]. Lil Kim. You name em, Nicki’s conquered em. Nicki’s on some new sh*t, thinking that by being silent this feud will fade. But everyone close to her is telling her that Remy’s slowing taking her crown and are pleading with Nicki to get in the studio and put an end to Remy once and for all.”

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her forthcoming album, with reports claiming that it’ll be hitting stores later this year.

It’s possible that she will respond to the feud in a song once the release date for her upcoming record nears, but until then, Nicki Minaj sees no reason to feed into the drama, despite social media users claiming that Remy Ma would have never released “Shether” had Minaj not provoked the feud, to begin with.

Remy Ma has made it known that she’s done with the beef during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show on Friday, Billboard notes. Ma notes that Nicki Minaj is “not a nice person,” who has attempted to sabotage her career by making phone calls that would see Remy blocked from red carpets and paid public appearances.

Do you think Nicki Minaj should take the time and respond to Remy Ma, or is it too late now for the supposed Queen of Rap to release her own diss track?

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