Nicki Minaj Being Forced To Write Remy Ma Diss Track By Lil Wayne, Drake?

Nicki Minaj is being urged to respond to Remy Ma’s “Shether” by Lil Wayne and Drake, convinced that the female rapper is doing herself no favors by not saying anything.

The feud, which reportedly started over Nicki Minaj’s song with Gucci Mane titled “Make Love,” created so much controversy for the supposed fact that the 34-year-old was indirectly aiming her attention to Remy Ma, who she brands as a “bum,” before calling herself the greatest rapper.

According to Complex, once Remy caught wind of the shady remarks Nicki Minaj had made on her song with Gucci Mane, she responded with a 7-minute response in the form a song that has since been named one of the greatest diss tracks in the field of hip-hop.

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Judging by the reaction from social media users, Nicki Minaj somewhat lost her battle against Remy, and that’s solely down to the fact that she never responded to the 36-year-old, despite proclaiming herself to be the Queen of Rap, which has somewhat annoyed Lil Wayne and Drake.

According to Hollywood Life, everybody in Nicki Minaj’s camp is aware of the humiliation that the “Starships” hitmaker has faced in the past seven days. The fact that she hasn’t retaliated by releasing her own diss song has somewhat discredited Nicki Minaj’s comments claiming that she’s unstoppable and untouchable.

Having seen how much of a supposed laughingstock their friend has become on social media, Drake and Lil Wayne have urged Nicki Minaj to get in the studio and hit back at Remy Ma, noting that if she doesn’t, it would seem as if she’s scared to confront the person she initially started the feud with.

It’s rumored that Nicki wasn’t expecting Remy to release a 7-minute diss track that touches on some shocking information regarding Minaj’s personal life, such as her butt implants getting “popped,” consequently forcing her to abstain from sex with Meek Mill for 90 days.

Remy has taken shots that Nicki Minaj wasn’t prepared for, a source explains, but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Drake and Wayne from trying to get their pal in the studio to hit back at her newfound enemy, stressing that it would look wrong for Minaj not to respond to the things that have been said about her.

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“Nicki’s being roasted like a chicken and all her friends are begging her to check Remy ASAP before she looses all credibility,” Hollywood Life quotes their source saying. “Remy keeps coming and since the new track dropped, Nicki’s phone has been blowing up.”

“Drake’s texting her back to back urging her to use any one of his studios to respond. Tunechi even hit her up and was like ‘damn,’ telling her that she’s letting Remy get the best of her.”

Nicki Minaj is certainly concerned about her public persona to the world, especially since Remy Ma’s “Shether” record has been highly praised by critics, who agree that trying to come back from a diss track that’s so intense and exhilarating is going to be difficult.

At this given point, it’s said that Nicki Minaj has no plans to hit back at the mother-of-two, with one insider stressing that Minaj would rather have the entire situation die out while she keeps a relatively low profile in the forthcoming weeks, before she begins to announce plans for the release of her forthcoming album.

Some believe that Nicki Minaj will respond in due time, but it won’t be anytime soon. If she does end up firing back, it could be weeks, if not months, before something is heard from the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap.

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