‘TMZ’ Video: Ciara’s Car Accident Brings Instagram Prayers

As seen in the below video from TMZ, a very pregnant Ciara can be seen being attended to by emergency personnel in the wake of a car accident. According to the publication, Ciara had clutched her chest and shoulders after the car accident. There isn’t audio of Ciara speaking in the below video, but it shows Ciara walking around in all black in the wake of the car accident.

In the video, Ciara clearly walks by an address that reads 11620 Wilshire Blvd. and contains a sign for a parking lot. Google reports that address as the home to the CIM Group, an investments firm in Los Angeles, California. That doesn’t mean that Ciara was visiting the office tower when the car accident happened.

Instead, Ciara can be seen in the video as police and fire department personnel responded to the singer’s car accident. Ciara could be seen walking around and appearing to speak via her phone’s speaker after the car accident. According to law enforcement officials, there were no serious injuries in the car accident involving Ciara and another driver, who exchanged information.

It’s good news for fans of Ciara since she is in the latter stages of her pregnancy. As seen in the video, Ciara sat in white Mercedes SUV as she spoke with authorities. It is the same white Mercedes SUV that Ciara was driving when the singer reportedly made a left turn at the time that a gray Volvo SUV slammed into the front passenger side of her car.

The TMZ video (seen above), which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, March 10, is climbing in views.

“Ciara — who’s pregnant in her 3rd trimester — was involved in a car crash in L.A. moments ago… TMZ has learned.”

Meanwhile, Ciara had only recently posted a photo to her Instagram account, which spoke of love being an undefeated power. Ciara is receiving comments of prayers and well wishes in the wake of the car accident on her Instagram account as fans learn about the car accident.

Ciara recently made news due to photos that featured the singer in a nude state with Russell Wilson and her son. Whereas some of Ciara’s fans found the photos beautiful and tastefully artistic, others criticized Ciara and Russell for the photos that included partial nudity. That didn’t stop Russell from rushing to Ciara’s side after the car accident, according to TMZ.

_marymaryquitecontrary: “So sorry to hear about the accident, prayers for you & baby!!”

sierra_ashanta: “I hope you and the baby are fine.”

dazzlingdil: “Praying that you and your beautiful family are okay.”

mrs_connor21: “Hope you’re okay.”

veelove77: “What happened????? Smh damn social media!”

ci_jonathan: “Ciara I am in tears. I hope you are ok.”

koolhellen: “Finally you put his clothes on.”

kandislovely: “@ciara First off I think the original picture is beautiful! People always have something to say. I think your family is beautiful and congratulations on all of your wonderful blessings!”

Aurora hernandez: “Glad she’s ok.”

tman3829: “Was it a hit and run? if so I think we all know who’s responsible.”

Yeezus: “Future did it.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ciara seemed tense and upset in the wake of the car accident, as would any pregnant mother looking forward to giving birth would be whilst involved in a car accident. Fans concerned for Ciara’s well being left comments like the ones above on Ciara’s Instagram account after her car accident. Folks are also joking about Ciara’s ex, Future, and his potential reaction to the car accident.

As seen in the top photo above, Ciara’s rings are shown from a February photo.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]