‘The Walking Dead’ 7×13 Photos, Promo, And Sneak Peek [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13 is titled “Bury Me Here” and airs this Sunday on AMC. What can fans expect in the upcoming installment? Promotional images have been released by the network, which tease that The Kingdom will be a big part of the episode. The synopsis and two sneak peek clips also give a hint on what is going to happen.

TWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what could happen in the TV show.

In the next episode of The Walking Dead, expect a lot of the scenes to take place at The Kingdom. According to Spoilers Guide, things are going to get intense between Ezekiel’s (Khary Payton) soldiers and the Saviors.

“Things do not go as planned when a group of Kingdommers delivers goods to the Saviors during a routine supply drop-off.”

As fans have seen in recent episodes, the Saviors have an agreement with The Kingdom. Negan’s men are not to enter the community. Instead, Ezekiel and his warriors meet the Saviors at a specific location. There, the supplies and goods are exchanged. It is a different setup than what viewers have seen with other groups and it makes one wonder how Ezekiel got them to make the agreement in the first place.

The last time TWD fans saw The Kingdom, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) had some firm words for Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Even though he had a cut from his scuffle with one of the Saviors, he still thinks peace is the way to deal with the apocalyptic bullies. One promotional image for The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13 shows Morgan with fresh wounds on his cheek.

There is also a picture of Ezekiel who seems quite upset. One had is holding on to his wooden staff and the other is up, as if he is trying to say no. He is with Morgan and some of the soldiers from The Kingdom. They are delivering goods to the Saviors, so they must say or do something to get a reaction from Ezekiel. Jerry (Cooper Andrews), who usually is in a jolly mood, does not look happy at all.

Finally, there are some solo shots of Ezekiel’s soldiers. Fans have already met Jerry. Besides him, expect to also see Daniel (Daniel Newman), Alvaro (Carlos Navarro), and Dianne (Kerry Cahill). Everyone seems to be on guard. Ezekiel’s security officers look suspicious, untrusting, and seem to be preparing for something to happen. Do the Saviors enter the Kingdom or will Ezekiel and Morgan be able to convince them to stay out?

In addition to the synopsis and photos for The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13, there is also a promo clip. The first features Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). She goes to visit Morgan and asks if everyone is all right, referring to the Alexandrians back home. Remember, Daryl lied to Carol because that is what she needed to hear. It seems that her timing to figuring things out couldn’t be better. Right now, Alexandria and The Kingdom need Carol to get back to her old self. She appears to be a woman on a mission and she is seen with blood splatter on her cheek.

In the promo clip for The Walking Dead, Ezekiel and some others are standing in front of what appears to be a grave. A sign with the words, “bury me here” stick out of the ground instead of a headstone. The promo clip also shows that the Saviors mean business and are done playing by Ezekiel’s rules. One of them says that he needs The Kingdom to “understand what is happening here” in a threatening tone.

The Saviors are offering a choice and suddenly, everyone draws their weapons. Even Morgan is seen pointing a gun. As the Inquisitr previously reported, showrunner Scott Gimple teased that Morgan’s no-kill philosophy would have the character really struggling in Season 7B.

“He thought that he had found [in The Kingdom] a place that worked for him, where he didn’t have to worry about killing or not killing. But in this world, [that issue] always finds him.”

Furthermore, on AMC’s official website, Morgan Jones’ character bio teases that he will begin to wonder if his philosophy is the right one to live by.

“Morgan is questioning his philosophy. He was unable to kill his wife when he had to, which lead Morgan to kill – to ‘clear’ – everything and everyone. All life became precious again when he met Eastman. Then he had to kill a Savior to save Carol. He is coming to terms that he cannot live in absolutes. Will this lead him to abandon his philosophy?”

However, it is not clear if Morgan is aiming his gun at the Saviors or if he is trying to kill walkers. One thing that is known from the promo clip is that Ezekiel has his weapon drawn and looks determined to protect his people from Negan’s men.

A sneak peek clip featuring Carol was also released. She is walking briskly down a street looking upset, knocking down walkers along the way. Coming up with a creative way to deal with the undead, Melissa McBride’s character sits in a tree and kills walkers, making sure to make noise so they come her way. Of course, she makes it look so easy.

When The Kingdom’s gates open, she marches in, leaving the residents in a state of shock. She isn’t interested in talking or explaining anything. All she wants is to find Morgan. Most likely, this is when she asks him about Alexandria, as seen in the promo clip. Is this the episode that fans have been waiting for, in which Carol will finally discover the truth? Will she be told about Negan, Glenn, and Abraham’s deaths, and will she decide to fight for her zombie apocalyptic family?

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 13 airs March 12 on AMC.

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]