‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Snaps Back At Maddie Ziegler, Fans Defend ALDC Guru

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is not going down without a fight, especially against her former student Maddie Ziegler. The ALDC founder was recently in the hot seat following the young dancer’s bashing in her tell-all book.

Earlier this week, former Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler trashed ALDC’s Abby Lee Miller in her shocking tell-all book The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir. The 14-year-old dance prodigy slammed her former mentor, revealing some intriguing details during her time in the hit Lifetime reality show and failed to mention the woman who helped launch her career.

Abby Lee Miller and 'Dance Moms' cast

Now, Abby finally snaps back, bluntly giving the cold shoulder to Ziegler on social media. The 50-year-old dance instructor, who is known for being vocal in promoting her current and former students’ projects outside Dance Moms, has been evidently silent when it comes to Maddie’s new book. In fact, instead of encouraging her fans to purchase The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir, she upped her other students’ publicity by directly promoting them.

Miller took to Instagram and urged her followers to check out her “favorite student” Mackenzie Sol in his “Move It” show and her “protégé” Mark Myars in his Broadway musical “War Paint.” Abby also commended Kendall Vertes, Gianna Martello, Kalani Hilliker and Nia Sioux for their stunning appearances at the recently concluded iHeartRadio Music Awards. Some were quick to notice that Abby did not mention Maddie, even though the teenager was also present at the said event.

It can be recalled that Abby went totally invisible in Maddie’s latest memoir as the young dancer failed to mention her and praised the new mentor instead. In her tell-all book, Ziegler expressed her gratitude to singer Sia for giving her the opportunity to be part of her music videos and series of tours. Maddie also revealed how the song “Chandelier” changed her life for the better.

“‘Chandelier’ definitely change my life – it made me more than just the girl from ‘Dance Moms’. It opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me.”

Ziegler also talked about her time in ALDC which she described as “stressful.” The dancer, who was eight at that time, recalled how exhausting the show was to someone as young as her.

“Before I met [Sia], I would say yes to a lot of things I didn’t want to do,” Maddie revealed. “Because I thought I had to – I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I’d be overwhelmed by the amount of work on my plate. Sia always tells me you have to have time off, step back and appreciate the moment.”

Maddie also admitted that she never really watched Dance Moms. Apparently, the dancer-turned-actress doesn’t like watching herself on TV, saying, “I don’t watch the show. I’ve probably only seen one entire episode from start to finish. I don’t love watching myself. I’ve lived through it, why do I need to watch it happen all over again?”

Ziegler also dished her Dance Moms experience as a young cast including all the drama on and off the camera.

“I was eight years old at the time, and there were cameramen following me around everywhere I went,” Ziegler wrote. “I would just ignore them and go about my business. Eventually, you feel a little exposed because you’re on all the time. Your life is what the show is about, but you’re also trying to live it. I just wanted to dance; I didn’t want all the drama.”

In addition, Ziegler confessed that she find some of their dance routines “weird or silly.” Although she was part of the said dance numbers, Maddie considered it as “inappropriate” for young kids who aspire to be a dancer.

“I haven’t loved every dance we’ve done. Some I thought were a little weird or silly, or even inappropriate for kids our age.”

Meanwhile, ALDC and Dance Moms fans are not happy about Ziegler’s “ungrateful” attitude towards Miller. Avid supporters of the show and Abby were quick to express their dismay on Maddie’s diss to former mentor. Some of them took to social media and criticized her bold move of going against Miller.

One fan tweeted, “I actually can’t stand Maddie Ziegler anymore. All she’s done recently is throw shade Abby’s way, dissing her show and her choreography.” Another fan wrote, “Why are you trashing Abby Lee Miller? She made you what you are now and you are being horrid to her.”

Some even went as far as reminding Ziegler of how Miller treated her when she was still part of the show, “Abby Lee Miller always put her before others and praises her, yet she failed to even get a mention in her book.”

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