‘Kindred Spirits’ Will Be Returning For A Chilling New Season On TLC

Fan favorites and paranormal powerhouse duo Amy Bruni and Adam Berry will be back for a second season of Kindred Spirits, as a part of TLC’s Friday night line-up of supernatural shows. The popular series is currently in production, and fans reacted with delight when Adam recently posted to his Facebook page that they have already filmed two episodes of Kindred Spirits.

“The moment you’ve been waiting for!! We’ve shot two cases already and season 2 will be EPIC!!! Airing in the Fall.”

Amy Bruni recently posted to her Facebook page that they are still looking for new paranormal cases in the New England area. For anyone who would like answers to paranormal activity they may be experiencing, send an email with pertinent contact information and as many details about the situation as possible to amy@amy-bruni.net or send her a message via her Facebook page.

According to Week in Weird, Kindred Spirits is the first series to be executive produced by Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Most fans recognize Bruni and Berry from their stint as paranormal investigators on Syfy’s extremely popular and long-running Ghost Hunters series, and this daring Kindred Spirits pair has an impressive resume, having investigated thousands of paranormal locations. After leaving the show, the pair began working on a series that had a unique and different twist from most paranormal shows.

Kindred Spirits strives to help families who believe they are dealing with paranormal activity possibly caused by deceased family members who may be trying to reach out to them. Amy and Adam are dedicated to helping these families by conducting thorough investigations using cutting-edge tools and devices. They also spend a lot of time on Kindred Spirits doing as much research as necessary in order to find the answers behind the hauntings so they have a better idea of what they may be dealing with. Their ultimate goal on Kindred Spirits is to provide closure for everyone involved.

“I think that paranormal investigation has been a thrill seeking activity for so long, which is totally fine,” Bruni told Week in Weird’s Greg Newkirk in an exclusive interview. “I mean, I love doing it for the thrill too – but at the same time, we have situations with families that truly do need help, and I think it’s important to come back to that and realize that what were doing isn’t a joke, it’s very real to people who live with this every day.”

For those unfamiliar with the premise of this popular series, Deadline Hollywood shared that each episode of Kindred Spirits highlights the story of a different family that is looking for help from Amy and Adam. These families are often frightened by what is occurring in their homes, but the last thing they want to do is leave. This is where Amy and Adam come in, and on the previous season of Kindred Spirits, they were able to answer many of the questions these families had, but sometimes the results were a little surprising. In some cases it wasn’t a family member haunting the home at all, and what Amy and Adam uncovered in regard to the stories behind the paranormal activity made for fascinating viewing on Kindred Spirits.

The previous season of Kindred Spirits was so successful that TLC has expanded its paranormal programming. Other shows, such as Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Brothers, were moved from Destination America by Discovery Communications because of TLC’s larger viewership numbers, and it has paid off. Paranormal Lockdown was another big hit for TLC, and the show just wrapped up their second season. Season 2 of Ghost Brothers premieres on Friday, March 10 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Are you a fan of Kindred Spirits? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Kindred Spirits below. For those who would like to check out or catch up on the series, episodes are available for free online viewing at TLC’s Kindred Spirits page. At this time, there is no information on Season 2 other than it will air in the fall of 2017, so check back for updates.

[Featured Image by Amy Bruni/Instagram]