Scarlett Johansson Files For Divorce From Dauriac, Gears Up For Custody Battle


Actress Scarlett Johansson filed for divorce from her French husband Romain Dauriac on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying that their marriage is “broken irretrievably.” The couple appear set for a custody fight after Johansson asked the judge for primary custody of their daughter, Rose.

The move to make her split from Dauriac official comes after it was confirmed last January that she planned to sue for divorce. It was also confirmed that the couple had separated last summer after two years of marriage.

Johansson, 32, said at the time that she was separating from Dauriac, 35, because she did not share much in common with him.

Observers did not fail to miss the fact that the Johansson was not wearing her wedding ring when she was spotted with Dauriac at a public event following reports of their split and confirmation that they separated last summer after two years of marriage.


It was also noted that she was not wearing her wedding ring when she appeared at the Women’s March on Washington event in January.

“I’ve been expecting this [the split] for some time. Romain and Scarlett have never made sense to me,” a source close to Dauriac later told People magazine. “They aren’t equals. There’s always been something wrong with this picture.”

The pair claimed to have separated amicably. They still share ownership of their popcorn brand Yummy Pop. They have been spotted together on multiple occasions at public events after news of their split in January.

But following Johansson’s request for primary custody of their daughter, they could be gearing up for a nasty court battle.

Page Six reports that Dauriac’s attorney, Harold Mayerson, confirmed the news that Johansson’s attorney, Judith Poller, served his client divorce papers on Tuesday. Mayerson also confirmed that his client planned to contest Johansson’s request for primary custody of their daughter.

The couple share a daughter, two-year-old Rose Dorothy Dauriac, born in September 2014, a few weeks before their wedding.


After they separated last summer, they agreed, informally, to an arrangement where each spent every other week with Rose. But after she moved to New Zealand for the filming of the movie Ghost in the Shell, Johansson reportedly demanded a shorter schedule where she would have Rose for about three days and Dauriac would have her for the next few days.

But Duriac protested, saying that he could not organize his life around Johansson’s schedule, a source close to the couple told Page Six.

“The kid was bouncing back and forth,” the source said. “It can’t work because [Johansson] travels so much.”

“He would like to move to France with his daughter, and Ms. Johansson does a lot of traveling,” Dauriac’s lawyer, Harold Mayerson, said, according to Page Six.

And commenting about the upcoming custody battle, Mayerson said, “It will be an interesting process.”

“We met through friends in Paris. It was very romantic. And we became friends,” Johansson revealed in an interview with Parade Magazine back in 2015. “When I’d come back to Paris I would see him. We started dating.”


Public knowledge of the Johansson’s relationship with Dauriac dates back to October 2012 when they were spotted on a lunch date in New York City. Media outlets reported in September 2013 that they were engaged after the 32-year-old Captain America: Civil War actress was spotted wearing a vintage art deco style ring.

Their wedding ceremony was conducted secretly in October 2014 on a ranch in Philipsburg, Montana.

“He tells me that he learned English in one night! ‘I barely spoke English when we met,’ he said. I don’t remember that at all. I felt like we were (always) talking the same language. I thought his vocabulary was impressive! Maybe it was the language of love,” Johansson enthused in the 2015 interview with Parade Magazine.

But she was soon singing a different tune about their relationship, lamenting about how unnatural monogamy is.

“I don’t think it’s natural to be a monogamous person. I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. It’s a lot of work.”


She also talked with ET last month about the challenges of motherhood.

“I don’t profess to know anything about parenting, anything more than anybody else, [but] being a working mom is an incredible challenge, [and] it’s an incredible gift,” she said. “I think you always feel a little bit of guilt. If you’re at work, you feel like you’re missing out on those special moments with your kid. If you’re with your kid, you feel like you’re not giving enough to your job. It’s a balance.”

Johansson was previously married to Ryan Reynolds from 2008 to 2011.

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