'Storage Wars' 2017 Returning Soon! Which Star Was Axed, Who Is Still On Show?

Georgia Makitalo

The good news is that Storage Wars is indeed back soon, but minus at lease one original star. When is the new season starting, who is returning to Storage Wars Season 10 and what has been going on with our favorite auction hunters?

Darrell, looking incredibly excited and super happy, had his new fiancé, Romney Snyder by his side. Unlike Darrell, her thrill is not in the hunt of a treasure. Instead, she works for a horse rescue service that helps save horses from slaughter.

Sounds like the folks at A&E/History gave Darrell exactly what he wanted for a salary. His previous dispute stated that he refused the $15,000 per episode they initially offered. He was previously paid $30,000, so the amount originally offered was half. While Darrell did not now reveal exactly how much they are paying him this season, he does seem quite pleased with the financial compensation that they offered.

"Doing a whole new season now and loving every minute of it. They offered me x amount of dollars and x amount of episodes. I said 'yes!'"

So, besides joking that he lost Brandon, he also lost a great deal of weight himself. How did he do it? Sounds like he started eating cleaner and exercising more. He quit sugar and white foods and started to work out.

"I wanted to be healthy man. I quit soda. I quit white foods and all that stuff. I started training and all that stuff."

Most importantly, Darrell Sheets confirmed on Twitter that the new season of Storage Wars is back on April 12!

"Here comes some more #storagewars April 12th comment if you'll be watching"

Despite their busy work and filming schedules, there is no doubt that the couple's focus is always on their family. They went out to Disney this summer and took a beautiful family photo of the four of them.


Auctioneer Dan Dotson and his wife Laura are mainstays on Storage Wars. Her catch phrase of "Don't forget to pay the lady" was an alteration to "Don't forget to pay the blonde." She spoke to TVRuckus and explained how she got this trademark slogan.

"My husband, started by saying, 'Folks, don't forget to see the blonde. Pay the blonde.' And I said, 'Excuse me, it's pay the lady.'"

Ivy Calvin, who calls himself "The King of Palmade," is a former MMA and former linebacker for Cal State Northridge. He joined Storage Wars in the third season. The owner of Grandma's Attic, The Heavy reports that the hard working reality star travels throughout the country in search of auctions.

In addition to Ivy, Mary Padian is back! Brandi posted a photo of her along with the affable reality star on her Instagram. Mary started out on Storage Wars Texas and has now fit in nicely with the California crew, even getting along with the mercurial Dave Hester. This talented thrifty restoration guru told DMagazine that previous to owning Mary's Finds, she worked for Architectural Digest in New York City.

Which Storage Wars auction hunters are your favorites? Do you have a favorite Storage Wars discovery? Will you be watching Storage Wars on April 12?

[Featured Image by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for A+E Networks]