WWE News: Roman Reigns Vs. Undertaker Match Hinted At On ‘Raw Talk’

Roman Reigns was the first guest on Raw Talk, the talk show that aired immediately following Fastlane last night. In the segment, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Renee Young were talking to Roman about his win over Braun Strowman. Lawler made a comment about this being “Roman’s yard” and making a strange reference to raccoons invading someone’s yard and asked what Roman would do if a raccoon invaded his “yard.”

It was a very strange way to approach it, and Roman Reigns seemed as confused as anyone else. However, once he understood the question, Roman said that he sets the bar in the WWE and everyone else just needs to reach his level. However, he did make sure to emphasize that this was his yard now.

Roman Reigns beat the previously undefeated Braun Strowman at Fastlane and is rumored to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. For anyone else who was lost during the Raw Talk segment, the match between Reigns and Undertaker is exactly what that was leading to.

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In The Royal Rumble, The Undertaker made his return to the WWE ring for the first time since WrestleMania last year. He started to manhandle the current WWE stars, but then, when his back was turned, Roman Reigns came up from behind and eliminated Undertaker from The Royal Rumble.

Undertaker stood on the floor and looked up at Roman Reigns after his elimination. That is when Roman told the Undertaker “this is my yard now.” It is clear that Reigns telling Undertaker it was his yard at The Royal Rumble and then Jerry Lawler bringing up the idea of it being Reigns’ yard last night after Fastlane was not a coincidence.

As previously reported, Undertaker is booked to appear on Monday Night Raw tonight. There is only one more month before WrestleMania, and that leaves just a few weeks to promote his match at the big event. With Roman Reigns still claiming the WWE ring is his yard, a line The Undertaker used throughout his career, it seems the table is set for the big match.

The problem now comes in how to book the match between one of the most beloved legends of all time in The Undertaker and a man that Vince McMahon and the WWE desperately want fans to love and cheer for in Roman Reigns.

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There is almost no way that Roman Reigns gets more cheers than The Undertaker. Even if The Undertaker comes out and insults the entire WWE Universe, most people would still end up cheering for him when WrestleMania rolls around.

This doesn’t even really have anything to do with Roman Reigns polarizing relationship with the fans. A vocal “thank you Strowman” chant didn’t start up after he delivered a vicious move to Roman last night at Fastlane. However, even if the fans were all behind Reigns in this match, Undertaker has developed such a strong relationship with the fans that WrestleMania might see Roman get more boos than he has ever received.


It will be very interesting to see how the WWE books The Undertaker return on Monday Night Raw tonight. Looking at Raw Talk, and the way that Jerry Lawler and Roman Reigns made use of the term “my yard,” it looks like Roman will either be in the ring talking about his yard and the gong starts or Undertaker will just show up to call out Roman Reigns for their big WWE match at WrestleMania.

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