‘Fixer Upper’ Couple Chip And Joanna Gaines Deal With Another Nasty Lawsuit

Chip and Joanna Gaines are dealing with a bit of drama as they face another lawsuit related to their Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. The Fixer Upper couple are dealing with the legal trouble after a patron at their restaurant hit her head on low-hanging steel beams which help support the outdoors picnic canopies.

While the head injury occurred back in June 2016, the lawsuit has started making headlines this past month as the patron is seeking monetary compensation for “serious and permanent bodily injuries.” It’s reported by AOL news Nancy Brown, the patron behind the lawsuit, is seeking $100,000 to $200,000 for her injuries.

The Waco Tribune went more in-depth as it described the lawsuit and exactly what happened that fateful June day.

“Plaintiff, while on defendant’s premises, suffered serious and permanent bodily injuries as a direct result of the dangerous condition created by the height and steel rods used for the canopies which are affixed to picnic tables located in an outdoor dining area on defendant’s premises.”

The lawsuit claims Brown was in the process of sitting down at one of the outdoor tables when she hit her head on a concealed metal bar. Because of the fact the bar was concealed, the lawsuit also states Chip and Joanna were negligent in allowing patrons to be subject to the low-hanging steel bars.

“…the dangerous condition, negligently allowed the area to become dangerous, negligently permitted such dangerous condition to exist and failed to adequately warn Brown of the dangerous condition.”

The Fixer Upper couple is being sued for past and future medical bills associated with the injury, as well as physical and mental anguish suffered by Brown. The Waco Tribune also stated a spokesperson for Magnolia Market declined to comment on the lawsuit. It’s also not the only lawsuit faced by Chip and Joanna as the couple had to deal with a less than friendly neighbor as well.

Towards the end of 2016, it came out the Gaines couple was being sued for up to $1 million by the owner of an adjacent property to their Magnolia Market. Country Living reported on the drama after Chip placed a metal gate across a driveway leading to a parking lot on his neighbor’s, Head Properties, land.

Apparently, Daron Farmer, a managing member of Head Properties wanted to start charging Magnolia Market customers $10 to park in the lot after a previous lease agreement ended.

“…there is an alley next to Magnolia Market that does not belong to the Fixer Upper stars. The previous owner of the alley had a lease agreement with the couple, which allowed Magnolia Market customers to park on the property for free.”

Chip and Joanna didn’t want their customers to think they had to pay for parking, so he erected a metal gate.

“The couple’s lawyer claims Chip and Joanna erected the gate to protect their business, so that Magnolia Market customers don’t mistakenly think they’re charging a parking fee.”

However, Farmer saw this as a violation as he claims it restricts access to the property and is suing for $200,000 to $1 million.

“Unable to reach a compromise over the space, Chip put up a metal gate—which Farmer alleges partially restricts access to his land, thereby illegally obstructing his private property.”

The Waco Tribune also covered this controversy as the attorney for Magnolia Market stated people could still access Farmer’s property from another entrance.

“All anyone has to do is just drive around the corner, and there you are.”

So far, there’s no word on if Chip and Joanna have been ordered to remove the gate or pay up in either lawsuit as headlines only state the Gaines couple is “being sued.” Stay tuned for updates on Chip and Joanna’s legal woes.

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