Nicki Minaj Channels V. Stiviano In Visor Sunglasses Post Remy Ma ‘Shether’ Diss

Nicki Minaj debuted a new, but familiar look during Paris Fashion Week. Back in 2014, V. Stiviano, Ronald Sterling’s eccentric mistress, stood at the center of a scandal in which she exposed the former Clippers owners’ racist comments. Stiviano then said the attention she had been garnering was too much to handle. Stiviano noted that her odd antics of wearing various visors out in public are just her way of dealing with pressure, according to the New York Post. Visor sunglasses became the rappers accessory of choice after Remy Ma dropped diss tracks, “Shether” and “Another One.”

However, many couldn’t help but wonder if Minaj possibly had Ronald Sterling’s mistress, V. Stiviano, or even Nicki’s former nemesis, Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus, in mind when composing her new look.

Interestingly enough, the bright colored shades Minaj wore during Paris Fashion Week closely resembled the same visor sunglasses Miley Cyrus wore during Nicki’s controversial acceptance speech at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Remy Ma discussed Miley Cyrus’ and Nicki Minaj’s VMA exchange in her diss track, “Shether.”

“How are you on the VMAs acting like you hood? / Way across the stage, talking ’bout ‘Miley, what’s good?’ / That’s Hannah Montana, she was always happy / You only fronted on Mariah ’cause Mariah don’t carry / Tried to disrespect Taylor ’cause Taylor wasn’t Swift enough.”

Miley Cyrus on stage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. [Image by /Getty Images]

At the time, Dr. Phil didn’t buy V. Stiviano’s reasons for rocking a collection of visors. In the bombshell tapes that hit the internet, Ronald Sterling told Stiviano to stop hanging out with black men and ordered her not to bring any African-Americans to Clippers games. Just days later, NBA commissioner Adam Silver hit Sterling with a lifetime suspension and $2.5 million fine.

“You say you were covering up the pain. Then I look at these pictures… I see you on roller skates in Daisy Duke cutoffs with a color-coordinated welders mask [visors] to mach your jacket, out rollerblading in front of the paparazzi… That doesn’t look like pain to me. That looks like attention-getting behavior to me.”

During Paris Fashion Week, Nicki Minaj wore what looked like to be a half of a jacket. On one side, the black blazer featured the ultimate edged shoulder, and on the other side, no fabric was present. The 34-year-old proudly paraded a single breast on the front row of the Haider Ackerman show in the French capital.

Will Nicki Minaj Respond To Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’ And ‘Another One’ Diss Tracks?

In regards to releasing a diss track in response to Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj has made no comment on the matter. Remy Ma’s “Shether” has been described as “the most disrespectful diss track ever” by Nicki Minaj’s ex, Safaree. Remy came back with an additional track to provoke a response from Nicki.

Will Nicki Minaj respond to Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’ and ‘Another One’? [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

In Remy’s second Minaj diss track, titled, “Another One,” she calls Minaj a “fraud,” a “clown,” and references the long-simmering feud she has with rapper, Lil’ Kim. Pinkprint is Nicki Minaj’s third studio album and is a well-known nod to Jay-Z’s Blueprint. Remy’s diss track is called “sheTHER,” a play on the word “Ether”– the name of the diss track in which Nas targeted Jay-Z.

An hour after the song dropped, Nicki presumably responded with an Instagram post which illustrated the low chart numbers for Remy Ma and Fat Joe’s joint album titled, Plato O Plomo. Minaj then dropped a clip of Beyonce singing a verse calling Nicki “the rap queen.”

Remy made an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show to discuss her collaboration with Fat Joe and her solo, Seven Winters & Six Summers. However, Williams dived in and asked her to dish on her feud with Minaj. According to Billboard, Remy accused Minaj of “trying to keep [her] off of red carpets, trying to make sure awards don’t go to [her]” and “trying to make people make bad reports about [Plato OPlomo‘s] album sales.”

Remy added Minaj’s behavior has been atrocious over the years.

“… When you’re trying to stop my bag, when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, now I have a problem with that.”

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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