March 5, 2017
Legendary Jerry Lee Lewis Suing Daughter For Allegedly Drugging And Abusing Him

Jerry Lee Lewis, legendary singer of "Great Balls of Fire," is suing his own daughter for allegedly drugging, abusing, and stealing from him for years. The 81-year-old claims that while his daughter Phoebe managed his career from 2000 to 2012, she kept him a virtual prisoner in a moldy home, forced him to tour and perform even when his health failed, and kept him compliant and complacent by forcing him to consume a "heavy cocktail of psychotropic drugs."

According to the lawsuit filed by Jerry Lee Lewis, and legal documents obtained by TMZ, Phoebe and her husband Ezekiel Loftin manipulated Lewis and Phoebe's position as his manager to rip off and spend his sizable fortune. Earlier this week, Jerry Lee Lewis filed suit against his son in law, but he has reportedly expanded that suit to include his daughter.

In court documents, Jerry Lee Lewis alleged that his daughter's husband spent a minimum of $5 million of Lewis' pilfered money on property, expensive cars and even plastic surgery. During the time that he was allegedly being stolen from by his manager daughter and her husband, Jerry Lee Lewis claims in his lawsuit that he was forced to live in deplorable conditions as a veritable prisoner.

In his lawsuit filing, Lewis claims that the moldiness of the home where he was "kept" was so bad that it was compromising his health. According to his claims, Jerry Lee Lewis was so impacted by the mold that he was forced to depend on an oxygen mask.

That is, when he wasn't being forced to tour. In his legal claim against his daughter and her husband, Jerry Lee Lewis alleges that his daughter used her position as his manager to force him to commit to "grueling" tour schedules, even when his health was suffering.

As Hollywood Life reports, Jerry Lee Lewis is no stranger to drama and controversy. He has become something of a living legend, sharing his talent and showmanship as a singer and pianist with the world for decades, but his personal life has always managed to be something of a tabloid in and of itself. Lewis has been married a whopping seven times over his 81 years, with his most recent marriage taking place in 2012 to Judith Brown.

That marriage, incidentally, took place just around the time Jerry Lee Lewis' daughter ended her stint as his manager.

Phoebe, the daughter Lewis now accuses of horrific elder abuse and theft, was Jerry Lee's child by his third wife Myra Gale Brown. Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra tied the knot way back in 1958, and the union would cause an immediate scandal. The reason? While Jerry Lee was 23 and claimed that Myra was 20 on their marriage license, it was ultimately revealed that his baby-faced new wife was really only 13-years-old, and his cousin.

As USA Today reports, the marriage of Jerry Lee Lewis and Myra Brown lasted until 1970, when the pair divorced.

Now, it appears that Lewis is still dealing with the fallout of that long-ago, tabloid-fueling, career-crushing union as he sues the daughter that resulted from the relationship with his young cousin.

As Fox News reports, Jerry Lee Lewis is seeking some very specific damages with his lawsuit against his daughter and son-in-law. First and foremost, Jerry Lee wants his allegedly stolen money back to the tune of an estimated $5 million.

In addition to seeking monetary damages in connection with his daughter's allegedly unthinkable abuse and theft, Lewis also reportedly wants to ensure that she and her hubby can't continue to profit from their relationship with him. In his lawsuit, Jerry Lee Lewis is asking the judge to issue an order barring the couple from using his name or likeness.

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