Emma Watson Participates In Hilarious Prank On ‘The Ellen Show’ [Video]

Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson has long been loved not only for her strong commitment to feminism and charitable organizations, but also for her fun personality and humor. No where is humor brought out in an individual better than when they get to go on The Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres released a video on Thursday showing Watson’s shenanigans which, obviously, came from the mind of Ellen herself.

For anyone who does not know, the rub in all of these cameo skits is that Ellen is speaking to the actor or actress through an earpiece, telling them what to say and do.

Emma was set up in a room with a couch and some other amenities. The scenario? Emma is meant to be interviewing a woman for the position of nanny — not for children, but for Watson. We see the woman walk up to the door.

Emma first welcomes the girl with an emphatic greeting.

“Yoo-hoo! I’m ready for you!”

She then has the girl sit wherever she would like. After the girl sits, she comments seriously that that was an interesting choice.

Once Emma, too, is seated, she explains that the girl would be her nanny. While the interviewee seems a bit taken aback, she is ready for the challenge. Emma then proceeds to ask her about her background, but soon after she starts, Ellen instructs Watson to cut her off and say “okay, got it” — proceeding to say, “now more about me.”

“I’m very particular. I don’t like crusts on sandwiches. I don’t like milk, but I like red bull.”

And, of course, no nanny interview is complete without addressing the topic of “going potty.”

“I like to go potty alone. I don’t need you to help me potty. But I want us to be like family.”

Then Ellen tells Emma to say something cliche-sounded about laughter.

“And the family that laughs together stays together.”

The actress follows up with extensive laughter rolling over into near-maniacal laughter. Suddenly, she stops and stares at the girl.

The skit continued with a scene of crying, Emma telling the girl that she had an “owey” and told her to fix it, a burst of hunger ending in the appearance of a giant lollipop, Watson throwing her phone on the ground, and, the icing on the cake, Emma talking to herself in the mirror.

Also, who can forget the moment when Emma is compared to Corinne from The Bachelor (by the nanny).

“‘I started saying vagine, too,’ Watson quipped, referencing the contestant’s signature catchphrase,” E! News said.

You have to hand it to this interviewee. She is great the whole time, and hopefully her potential employers watch this and see just how long-suffering and confident she remains.

Anyone who watches the Ellen show knows that she often pulls these pranks. Adele participated in one a couple of years back. She entered a Jamba Juice and order a large in a small cup. But it gets better after that.

As seen in the video above, the highlight of the prank is when Ellen instructs Adele to take a pair of scissors out of her purse, reach over, cut some wheatgrass, and start eating it. You know it’s funny when even Ellen can’t stop laughing.

Probably the most well-known of Ellen’s hidden camera pranks is one involving David Beckham and his private massage.

Back in 2010, Beckham came on the show and actually requested to do a prank like this. Everything seems okay–besides his slightly weird “joining energy” routine at the beginning — until he informs her that he wants a massage, but with “no thumbs.”

Watch the video below to see David’s awkward but totally hilarious prank.

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