Fans Throng Retail Outlets As Nintendo Switch Goes On Sale Across The U.S.

After months of waiting Nintendo’s newest gaming console – the Nintendo Switch has started to go on sale across several countries – including the U.S. The launch of the Nintendo Switch comes nearly four months after the Switch was first showcased by Nintendo back in October 2016. According to reports, people lined up outside major retail stores including Walmart and Best Buy to be among the first people to own the new console.

According to CBS News, in Philadelphia alone, there were more than 50 people seen outside a Best Buy outlet located on Columbus Boulevard. Several of the fans were dedicated Nintendo fanboys who were awaiting the arrival of the Nintendo Switch for years. In an interview with CBS News, one of the fans, a student identified as Will Johannesen said that the release of the Switch is a special time for Nintendo. He is hopeful that the Nintendo Switch would do much better than Nintendo’s previous console – the Wii U.

“I’m excited for them to become a thing again. The Wii U didn’t do too well and this seems like it’s going to be a big thing.”

Another person in the same line was an individual identified as Scott Bigos who was excited about the potential of gaming on the Nintendo Switch.

“First thing I’m going to do is play Zelda. And I’m going to play it all night. I don’t know when I’m going to go to sleep. It’s going to be bad. Not going to be a very productive month probably. We’ll see.”

Ahead of Scott, the very first person in the line is Mike Carroll who said he was standing outside the store since 3:30 in the afternoon on Thursday. Like the others in the line, Mike too is a great fan of Nintendo and says he has owned every one of the systems.

“I’ve had every single one of their systems. Nintendo has been doing a good job staying innovative with their products, giving us something unique and different with this system that makes us want to come out here and sit in the freezing cold.”

Nintendo’s official Twitter account posted several images and tweets at the time of the launch – some of which we have reproduced below.

The seventh major home console to be released by Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch was originally referred to as the Nintendo NX during the entire course of its development. Considered to be a hybrid console, the main system comprises of the “Switch Console,” “Switch Dock,” and the “Joy-Con” controllers. Many experts have also termed it a home console that people can take with them on the go. The placement of the Nintendo Switch has been made in such a way that Nintendo hopes it won’t hurt the sales of the Nintendo 3DS – a handheld console from them.

Meanwhile, according to a Forbes report, GameStop has on account of the launch come up with two offers for the Nintendo Switch. While the first offer will include the Switch, a Switch Pro Controller, and a copy of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for $429.99, the second one will include all of these plus a Zelda strategy guide for $454.99. Most experts also suggest picking up an extra travel case and a microSD card for additional storage – in case you do not already own one.

While it is interesting to see people line up to buy the Nintendo Switch, it remains to be seen whether the excitement for the product translates to great sales. Are you getting the Nintendo Switch for yourselves?

[Featured Image By Koji Sasahara/AP Images]