OnePlus 5 Specs: Flagship Killer To Sport Edge Display, Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM

It looks like OnePlus is gearing up for quite a flagship killer, as the OnePlus 5 specs that are already making rounds on the internet are looking to compete with the best flagships this year. With an affordable price tag, there’s no doubt that the OnePlus 3 successor will be a threat to Samsung and Apple.

OnePlus 5 is the direct successor of the OnePlus 3. It’s said that the company is skipping the numeral 4 because of superstitious beliefs. According to a previous report by Inquisitr, the number four is considered unlucky in China. Other smartphone makers in the country have also skipped it, such as in the case of Vivo naming the V3 successor V5.

The latest reports state that OnePlus 5 may feature a curved display like that of the Samsung Galaxy Edge. Per Android Guys, the feature that was thought to be just a fad at first turned out to be huge and the main selling point of the Korean tech giant’s flagships. Taking on a dual-edged display would mean that OnePlus is dead serious at destroying the leading smartphone brands.

It would be nice to see the display outside Samsung. Many have attempted, but the mobile industry is yet to see a smartphone with a curved screen that’s on the same level as the Samsung Galaxy flagships.

Holding the Edge display is said to be a flawless ceramic body, which can be seen on the Xiaomi Mi MIX. At the back is reportedly a 23-megapixel camera and a 16-megapixel snapper sits at the front.

It’s unknown at this time whether OnePlus 5 would also adopt other design elements of the Galaxy S8 and ditch the physical home button. And with the rise of the popularity of dual-camera set-ups, it would not be a surprise to see it also on the upcoming smartphone.

Under the hood, OnePlus 5 is believed to have 6GB or 8GB RAM. In comparison, the Galaxy S8 may only sport a 4GB RAM. However, there are still some doubts over whether the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip will make its way to the Chinese handset. It’s reported that Samsung has a monopoly on the processor, so OnePlus may resort to last year’s Snapdragon 821 or wait until 835 becomes available for others to use.

OnePlus 5 may also have different storage options. The base model is expected to have 64GB internal storage, while a 256GB variant may also be offered at launch. Apart from that, the usual is expected. It should have a 4,000mAh battery with Dash Charge technology that claims to power up the phone to 60 percent in 30 minutes.

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A USB Type-C port is expected along with the 3.5mm headphone jack, which many flagship smartphones are still believed to sport despite the initiative of the iPhone 7. Other features include a fingerprint scanner and perhaps wireless charging.

Nevertheless, it’s impossible to tell what OnePlus is cooking up for consumers this year. With the successes of its predecessors, expectations are high for the OnePlus 5. Fans are expecting once again to be blown away by the specs of the upcoming smartphone and the price tag that goes with it.

As for the release date of the OnePlus 5, fans may be looking at a middle-of-the-year launch. OnePlus 3 launched in June 2016, while its predecessor was released in July 2015. June or July is the safest bet for now, but that’s not taking into account the release of the OnePlus 3T in November 2016.

Because of that, OnePlus 5 may be launched in Q3 or even Q4. But as always, these are all speculations and rumors for now. As such, they should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s best to wait for an official announcement from the Chinese company.

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