Phoenix Airport Security Breach

KoKo Nicole Anderson crashed through a secured gate at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix on Saturday and then drove her vehicle through the airports runways.

According to The Associated Press:

“The 21-year-old woman who crashed through a gate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and drove on the runway with her infant son in the car has a history of mental illness.”

Since 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration runway incursion database has tracked a number of low risk security breaches at this airport’s fence. This latest Phoenix airport security breach is causing questions to arise regarding whether or not adequate measures are in place.

A statement released by Sgt. Trent Crump says the incident occurred at approximately 10pm Thursday. According to the official police report the vehicle was forced to a stop within minutes of breaching the perimeter, and the driver was detained by officers. The airport ceased operations for nearly fifteen minutes, and no passengers were in harm’s way.

Lori Jane Gliha of ABC News states:

“Most of Sky Harbor International Airport’s runway incursions are considered “low-risk” and involve official aircraft or airport vehicles that were already allowed to be inside the gates.”

Despite beliefs that the driver was under the influence of alcohol and an unknown drug, her mother, Bebe Anderson, believes the Phonenix airport security breach was the result of her history of mental illness.

Bebe Anderson says of her daughters current state:

“She’s not going to be stable until she gets on medication. I’m so scared. I’m at a loss of how to help her … I’m just really hoping someone can advocate for her.”