WWE News: Roman Reigns Love-Hate Relationship With Fans A Goal of Kevin Owens

When Roman Reigns comes to the WWE ring, he gets thunderous cheers, mostly from women and children. He also gets loud boos, mostly from the male members of the audience. This is the same reaction that John Cena has received for years now. In a recent appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens said it is that polarizing reaction that he wants to strive to receive one day.

Kevin Owens knows that he gets the perfect heel reaction that someone of his stature is supposed to get. He said that he has to get the heat as a heel for his character to work well. However, Owens also said that when you have a lot of fans who love you to counteract those fans who hate you, such as Roman Reigns has, that reaction is a perfect mix.

“But to me the optimum reaction is when you get a lot of people that like you, a lot of people that hate you, and then they meet in the middle. Like John (Cena) or Roman (Reigns) has these days, that’s the reaction I aspire to get one day because I find that clash is so interesting.”

Roman Reigns hasn’t quite reached the level of a John Cena yet when it comes to crowd reactions. While his fans are loud, the boos are also easy to hear. When it comes to John Cena, the fans are competing with each other, some yelling “let’s go Cena” and others yelling “Cena sucks” to answer them.

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There is no reaction like it in the WWE, and that is what John Cena is such a huge star, both inside and outside the ring. It keeps fans engaged in the product, and as many wrestlers have said in the past, any reaction is positive when the fans are concerned.

Roman Reigns has said in the past that he doesn’t care if he is booed or cheered. As Reigns said, as long as the fans are reacting to him in one way or the other, he is doing his job right. While many feel he has failed in his task to get over as a face, Roman said that he is doing something right because fans are cheering and booing him.

The worst thing that can happen to a wrestler is for the fans to just shut them out and not make any noise at all. A guy like Bo Dallas was a huge heel in NXT. The fans hated his babyface act, so NXT switched him to a heel, but they had him act the same while adding some cheating to his matches.

He was over huge as a heel in NXT. The WWE then brought him up to the main roster, and the main roster fans didn’t care. His act, which was huge in NXT, flopped in the WWE, and the fans didn’t boo him and act as strongly as they did in NXT. Bo Dallas became a jobber quite quickly and never recovered.

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If anything, Roman Reigns has never given the fans a reason not to care about him. While many of the boos are caused by booking choices, Roman continues to go out and work hard to get a reaction from the fans and try to win over more as he goes.

Kevin Owens has an interesting career and one that can work well for a polarizing character. Unlike Roman Reigns, Owens is not a big muscular WWE superstar. That causes a lot of hardcore WWE fans to reject him. There are others who know how hard he worked to get to the main event, and they cheer him no matter what.


Kevin Owens is not to the level of Roman Reigns yet when it comes to boos and cheers, but it is a goal he has set for himself in the WWE.

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