‘Little Women LA’: Christy McGinity Gibel Suffered Stroke, Faces Long Recovery

Little Women LA returned on Lifetime for Season 6 last night, and there is no doubt that much of the spotlight was on Terra Jole. However, her former friend Christy McGinity Gibel has been dealing with some major health issues too. Christy went in for neck surgery at the end of 2016 that she thought would end some pretty intense pain, but her recovery has been extended due to a stroke she suffered during the procedure. Now, there are questions about Christy’s recovery and whether she will ever be the same again.

“I am not the same, and may never be,” Christy revealed to Radar Online. “Every day is an uphill battle to do things in my life that I took for granted, like speaking.”

Christy McGinity Gibel underwent neck surgery on November 29 to replace two discs in her neck that had become damaged according to the Radar Online report. While she was recovering, Christy said the pain was worse than she ever imagined it could be.

Prior to her surgery, Christy told her husband, Todd Gibel, that she wanted to get her neck repaired. She also said that if she died on the surgery table, it would still be better than suffering the neck pain she was enduring on a daily basis. That makes her current struggle even sadder, considering that the Little Women LA star is currently dealing with recovery from that surgery three months later.

Christy is reportedly undergoing many different types of therapy and has been working on regaining the ability to perform basic skills. While she is currently recovering, it has been reported that it will be a long time before she makes a full recovery, if she ever does.

That hasn’t stopped Christy’s Little Women LA co-stars from throwing all the shade. On the first episode of Season 6, Briana Renee put together a surprise baby shower for Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, who is about to give birth to baby number two at any point. Briana ended up having to bring her baby Maverick to the shower and laments that she really didn’t want Christy to have a chance to see or be near him but that she didn’t have a choice.

During the episode, Christy complained that she really wanted to go up and pinch baby Maverick’s cute cheeks and get to know the little boy, but she knew Briana Renee would not be okay with that since they were on the outs so she had to hold back and just enjoy the view of the precious new baby from a distance.

Christy McGinity Gibel was thrown even more shade when Terra Jole was talking about her. Terra is still in the middle of her Dancing with the Stars stint and has been suffering a host of her own health problems, but that hasn’t stopped her from getting pretty catty when it comes to Christy. Terra said that when Christy comes on the TV while Little Women LA is airing, she just fast forwards through it. According to Reality Tea, Terra Jole thinks that Christy is just boring to her and doesn’t want to waste her time watching her segments.

There seems to be a lot of drama building for Season 6 of Little Women LA, and many of the women are currently on the outs with each other. They certainly don’t give off the friends-no-matter-what vibe that Little Women Atlanta or even Little Women Dallas give off.

Hopefully, Christy McGinity Gibel continues to recover from her neck surgery and the stroke that came with it. It also would be nice if she is able to mend fences with some of her castmates on Season 6 of Little Women LA.

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