Fredrik Eklund Expecting Twins Again? ‘MDLNY’ Star Shares Same Message Twice

Fredrik Eklund has always wanted a daughter. Fredrik already knows that he wants her name to be Milla, and he has tried several times to have a baby via surrogate. But he has repeatedly been told that the pregnancies had failed, and he documented his grief on Million Dollar Listing: New York.

While Eklund wanted to give up on the journey to become a father, his husband, Derek Kaplan, wanted to keep going. When Fredrik and his husband first tried IVF, they found out they were expecting twins, and he shared the news via Instagram by merely sharing an emoticon with two adults and two children. He took a break from the pregnancy journey after miscarrying, but now he’s sharing this same emoticon again.


According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund recently shared the emoticon of two adults and two children – the exact same thing he shared before announcing that he and his husband were expecting twins. Eklund later announced that they were indeed pregnant, but he had to retract the news just weeks later. And it sounds like he may be waiting to share the news until the pregnancy has progressed even further.

While on Million Dollar Listing: New York Season 5, Fredrik Eklund revealed they had tried to get pregnant for a second time and that pregnancy had failed as well. Fredrik felt that he was facing some major uphill battles and didn’t really want to go through the entire grieving process while filming the twice-nominated Emmy show. But he told People magazine that he wanted his story to be known.

“[The first episode] is very emotional, I was crying a lot,” Fredrik Eklund told People magazine about his recovery from the first miscarriage. “I knew when I started filming that this was going to happen, because I couldn’t keep it together and I knew as soon as I sat down in that interview chair, because of what happened, this was going to come out.”


“So when I made a decision to film season five, I made it under the one condition that I was going to be completely honest with everyone about this whole journey, wherever it was going to leave me,” Fredrik Eklund explained to People magazine, adding, “It’s a very difficult thing to do because when you – when you’re that sad, everything feels somewhat empty and you feel alone and you struggle and you feel helpless. It’s difficult as it is but then to do that on camera and not knowing where it’s all going to go. It was tough.”

One can hope that this is indeed the right time for Fredrik Eklund and Derek to have their much-anticipated twins. Since they have already gone through all of this heartbreak, one can hope that they are indeed close to term. Maybe Eklund learned that it was a mistake to announce the pregnancy so early last time. And this upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing: New York is already promising to be good.

On the season finale last year, Luis Ortiz announced that he was leaving the show and real estate behind. He wanted to try something new and exciting, so he gave up his role on the show. Bravo has yet to announce who will take over his role on the show, but Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant are excited to see how the new co-star will work out.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund possibly expecting twins again? Are you excited about following his journey on the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing: New York, which is currently under production?

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