Connie Britton Teases A ‘Nashville’ Return: How Would She Come Back?

Last week on Nashville, fans were shocked to see the death of Rayna James. Connie Britton made the choice to leave the show. Now Connie is speaking out about if she will be back again and what it would take to get her to return. Sounds Like Nashville shared about what Connie said would convince her to come back on the show again. Connie Britton talked about it while on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

This was Connie Britton’s first public appearance since Rayna James died and also her first time on this show. She played the character for five years. One thing she did confirm is that Rayna James is really dead and won’t be coming back. Stephen Colbert teased ideas of how Connie Britton could come back to the show again. He had several great ideas about what they could do. One idea was that Connie could come back as Rayna James’ evil twin. Here is what she thought of that idea.

“I’m sorry! I gotta tell it like it is. She’s really dead. But I think the twin sister idea is not bad. I mean, it’s Nashville. Anything could happen! What if the long lost sister comes back and oh, she’s such a devil! Oh, she’s such a devil. She’ll come back and she’ll be horrible.”

You can still see Connie Britton on the Netflix movie The Land of Steady Habits. This movie is with Ted Thompson, Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, and Thomas Mann. She has been on television for a long time, and it sounds like movies is what is in her future right now. Fans are going to miss seeing her on Nashville, though. The fans fought hard to get CMT to pick up this show after ABC canceled it after last season.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Connie Britton spoke out about why her character had to end her time on Nashville the way that she did. It was totally her decision to leave the show and here is what she had to say about it.

“It was my decision. It was something that, for various reasons, had been percolating for me. What was really important to me was that it felt like the right time. This summer, when the show went to CMT, it felt solid and stable. When Marshall came in, we had a conversation and he came up with the way this story would lay out. We both agreed — and I said to him that what was most important to me was that we really do justice and honor the character and all of these characters and the world that we’ve been living in for these last five years.”

The idea of Connie Britton not sticking around part-time was a decision that was made by producers. They felt like it was best to do it this way and make the second half of the season all about how things are without Rayna James. Connie did share that her choice to leave had nothing to do with the show being moved from ABC to CMT. She would have been ready to move on either way. Connie will still be in a few more episodes this season of the show, so she isn’t quite gone yet.

Do you think that Connie Britton would ever return to Nashville? Are you still shocked that Connie left the show the way she did? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Nashville on Wednesday nights on CMT.

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