Katy Perry Suffers Epic Wardrobe Malfunction At Vanity Fair Party

Katy Perry’s stunning dress at the Vanity Fair Oscars party let her down after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Perry had attended the party with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom amid rumors that their relationship is currently on rocky grounds. However, the two displayed a lot of romance and appeared happy together. However, their joy was interrupted after her dress got torn at the back leading to a split while she was leaning towards a big TV screen.

Katy’s stunning dress

Katy chose to wear a shiny bronze sequin dress which was very beautiful but ended up being the culprit of the day. The dress had an interesting design that included one shoulder strap that was wider than the other. It also had a plunging line to show a bit of cleavage for sex appeal purposes. It also had long, thigh-high slits to show off her legs.

Katy’s dress accidentally starts falling apart

Perry seems to have taken some time to mingle with the rest of the guests at the party. She leaned towards a white grand piano while watching a big screen with James Corden. Unfortunately, Katy did not notice that her dress was falling apart. The outfit seems to have been a skirt and a top joined together but the designer did not do a good job piecing the two parts together. This resulted in the lower part slowly falling apart thus slightly exposing her derriere.

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One could hardly tell whether the dress was two parts pieced together. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a weakness which resulted into the massive wardrobe malfunction. On most occasions, celebrities suffer wardrobe malfunctions that are the result of material failing to cover some parts. Perry’s case was more serious than that and she was probably forced to change to a different outfit. The incident happened as she watched the 89th Academy award ceremony on the big screen that was mounted on the wall behind the piano.

Unfortunately, the incident only led to a sneak peek under what the dress was covering but her that did not prevent a lot of chatter about it on social media. Katy’s stylist was definitely sweating profusely because of the incident. Other than the fact that the fact that the dress let her down, she looked quite stylish in it. She chose to go with a blonde bob haircut and no necklace so that the dress would appear more defined.

Katy also happened to be braless underneath the dress but it did a good job holding everything together as well as not revealing more than was expected. That being said, she showed off an acceptable amount of her flawless skin. The singer oozed beauty as she posed for some photos earlier in the evening, giving the cameras to capture all her goodness including her beautiful blue eyes.

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Meanwhile, it seems that the rumors about Katy and Bloom were wrong. The rumors suggested that the two have been having some relationship problems and that they were on the verge of a breakup. The two have been dating for almost one year but it has been long since they were seen together in public. Reports claim that the last time they were spotted together was in November last year at the Unicef Snowflake Ball.

“He’s just got the most kind heart, ever,” Perry told E! News during an interview at the time.

Both of them have been married before but they feel that they are right for each other. They may just have been trying to hide their relationship from the public limelight because their appearance together at the party proved that they are still together. Unfortunately, Katy’s wardrobe malfunction ruined her evening.


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