‘Counting On’ Sex Life Quips Makes Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Chef Uneasy?

Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were just too hot for the kitchen when the newly married couple diced, sliced, and mugged it up in between that dash of salt and pepper. While Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been married for a few months now, Counting On aired these scenes of PDA on a recent episode that captured their honeymoon in the land down under.

With Counting On just catching up with Jinger and Jeremy’s honeymoon escapades, Duggar fans get to see another Duggar couple enjoy martial bliss. It was during a cooking class that Jinger and Jeremy attended while on their honeymoon that had the cooking instructor a bit squeamish around their cooking methods, which had nothing to do with the food.

The cooking instructor, Bec, asked the couple a question she probably wished she hadn’t once the answers started to pop up from Jinger and Jeremy, suggests Cafe Mom. Watching the couple that couldn’t pick up another utensil without touching each other, it was a question that was bound to have some rather risque replies.

Cafe Mom suggests Bec “opened a can of worms” when asking Jinger and Jeremy what it is that “excites them most about marriage.” The word “excite” was what Jeremy clung onto when getting ready to share his answer.

Us Weekly reports that Bec actually asked what Jeremy was most excited about cooking when it comes to this cooking class. It was Jeremy who misunderstood the question and thought she was asking him what excites him about marriage. No wonder Bec was described as being a bit uncomfortable once he started searching for an answer.

Since they were in a cooking class, maybe an answer that included a quip on cooking that excited the couple might have been nice, but that isn’t what Jeremy had on his mind. With a chuckle and a slightly sarcastic tone Jeremy answers, “I’ll tell you what I’m excited about most in marriage.”

While nothing was spelled out by the groom, it didn’t have to be. As Cafe Mom suggests, “it’s pretty safe to assume what’s on this newlywed’s mind.” Bec did redirect Jeremy by telling him it is time to get back to the food.

As Us Weekly puts it, ” Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo joke about their sex life,” while taking the cooking class. At one point Jeremy looked into the camera and confessed – “watching Jinger cook, she’s so beautiful, and so it was getting a little too hot in the kitchen.”

Jeremy also said how he noticed the cooking instructor, Bec, wasn’t all that comfortable with their hands-on type of cooking. But, he added – they were there for a “nice romantic time.”

It was probably hard for Jeremy to stay on task after all the cameras for the show Counting On have been following them around on their honeymoon, so it has been all about them for this vacation. They are newlyweds, so that is how they are supposed to act naturally, never mind they had to make it somewhat interesting for the Counting On reality show.


What are they expected to do on a honeymoon but show some affection? Whether it was in the script or not, he probably thought he was doing what a groom is supposed to do. After all, just how boring do you think that cooking class would have been if they just concentrated on grilling that seafood?

There has to be some excitement in a reality show to keep the fans coming back. You also have to admit it was very generous for Jeremy to share his honeymoon with the Counting On cameras.


Jeremy has shown that he’s a pretty good sport so far. He caught the wrath of Jinger’s older sister Jessa Duggar at the rehearsal dinner for their wedding, reports Us Magazine in another article. When Jessa got up to make a speech, which she meant to be sweet and filled with future promises, it got just a bit awkward. When she used the word “ramifications” and the speech wilted just a bit. There really shouldn’t be ramifications in marriage, especially when it if first starting out, but Jessa was able to pull the speech back to where it was originally supposed to go.

Jinger and Jeremy will be living in Texas, 12 hours away from the rest of the Duggar family. Jessa said in her speech that the “ramifications” of Jeremy taking her 12-hours away from the family were starting to sink in. The rest of the speech was fine, but it started out almost like a reprimand for her new brother-in-law. He came back for the wedding the next day and the rest is history, up until their steamy cooking class.

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