‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 5: Mixed Reports Coming Out, Could Be Canceled

Curse of Oak Island Season 4 just came to an end, and all that fans can wonder is if this show will be back for another season or not. Curse of Oak Island has a huge fanbase, but the show hasn’t been confirmed for another season just yet. Starcasm shared the details about how the show producer for Curse of Oak Island is speaking out and says that Season 5 will likely happen even though nothing is official for the show just yet.

The end of Season 4 of Curse of Oak Island was a bit upsetting for fans. It just gave more hints, but didn’t solve what they wanted. It was even a two-hour finale. Right now, they are about ten years into trying to find out what is going on here and have spent a ton of money. Everyone wonders if it is worth it to keep putting money into this venture. Marty and Rick Lagina from Michigan don’t seem quite ready to give up.

As of right now, the Lagina brother are not under any kind of contract. They could decide that they are ready to go on with their lives and quit doing the Curse of Oak Island, but that would be a pretty big decision for them. Producer Kevin Burns is speaking out about the chance of the show coming back again. So far, he says it is promising, but not confirmed. He went on to say, “Every year we seem to get this weird, weird break of a find before the end of the season. That’s why we literally went from a one-hour finale to a two-hour finale, because the material we got was so incredible.” Here is what he said about the possibility of a Season 5 of Curse of Oak Island.

“We are not set to come back for another year, take of that what you will. Every year the brothers are very reluctant to agree to do any more. This was always a hard sell for them. They did not approach us. They are not eager television personalities. I think they’re great on TV but they were very wary, which I understand. They were not big reality show people, they didn’t want celebrity, they didn’t want fame. They really didn’t. They’re very humble, particularly Rick. Four or five months a year away from their families and the conditions can be very gruelling, and Marty and Rick are wonderful guys….Do I think there’s more of the story to tell beyond this season? Yes. I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story. I think Oak Island has many, many, many stories to tell.”

The confusing thing is TV Overmind is sharing a totally different story. They spent millions on Season 4 of Curse of Oak Island at some point they have to stop spending that much money. Rick and Marty have to be away from their families for four or five months to film, which they don’t like at all either. They shared that Kevin Burns feels like there is a lot of story left to tell. They feel like the fact that he said, “We are not set to come back for another year, take of that what you will” means that Curse of Oak Island might not be renewed. Everyone is going to have just wait and see what is decided.

Are you excited to hear that Curse of Oak Island will probably be back for another season? Do you think they should keep trying or that it is time to move on? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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